How To Creatively Leverage Email Data

It’s important for marketers to have a game plan for their email recipients rather than letting these lists sit and collect dust. Here are some proven ways to leverage email data for more leads, bigger conversions and a roadmap that ensures improvement in future campaigns.

Leverage Data
“Use your email database to create social media messages and ads.”

Better timing and volume
Every audience will have its own preferences and behaviors related to the timing of email newsletters and the frequency with which a brand sends these messages out. While they may seem like minor factors in the grand scheme of things, email timing and message volume are actually hugely important in a marketing arena that necessitates precision and consistency.

An article from The Next Web recently asserted that optimal email timing is dependent uponwhen customers typically check their inboxes, when they tend to visit the store and when they are most likely to pull the trigger on a purchase. By investigating these metrics with analytics systems and finding common patterns, a brand should have no issue determining when to send emails, and how frequently they should reach out.

Superior segmentation
When it comes to targeting emails for higher open rates, click rates and conversions, there are few strategies more fruitful than strong segmentation. As an article from Marketing Land pointed out, a creative, data-driven approach to email list segmentation is one of the best ways to leverage value from these databases.

A well-segmented email list is especially effective when marketers are willing to experiment with content types, subject lines and the like. Luckily, the email database is home to a wealth of insights that can lead to new and original segmentation strategies. As long as marketing teams balance experimentation with measurement, they’ll find a winning formula.

Immediate adjustments
The real-time data analytics craze has caught on for a reason, and the ability to quickly adjust an email strategy based on first-hand data is a powerful one. That’s why brands should always be monitoring their email lists with real-time analytics that capture mini trends and reactions. In many cases, the speed with which a brand can change course will determine its success.

“The faster you act on data, the better the customer experience (and the less likely your competitors will know how you do it),” noted Marketing Land contributor Jose Cebrian. “This is more difficult for some companies than others. Data speed is how fast your email program can act (change a message to an individual), based on actions taken by that individual.”

Cross-channel consistency
While email databases are primarily leveraged for inbox-bound messages and the strategy surrounding distribution and content, the data within these lists is too valuable to withhold from use in other marketing channels. Forward-thinking brands will not hesitate to use the information found in the email database to create social media messages and in-app advertisements.

As Cebrian pointed out in his piece for Marketing Land, brands can differentiate themselves by “extending what [they] know about each email address to continually improve programs on other channels.” With so many consumers using a multi-channel strategy for research, purchases and support, it only makes sense that a brand would apply email database info across all domains.