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The Marketing Strategies with the Biggest ROI

The Marketing Strategies with the Biggest ROI

Modern marketers often debate the most effective strategies of the digital world. With such a wide and evolving range of tactics to choose from, these conversations are simply part of the game. However, there are three proven channels that have delivered consistent ROI over the years, and must form the core of any major marketing campaign: email, social and mobile.

“Consumer-focused marketing has taken center stage.”

As brands boost their digital marketing budgets and expect bigger results from their efforts, it’s important for strategists to master main three channels before experimenting with alternative methods. Here’s a closer look at the big three, and how brands can maximize their value.

Despite being the oldest of the three pillars of modern marketing, email campaigns remain at the front of the pack for a reason. This communication channel delivers the biggest bang for a brand’s marketing buck, according to Business2Community. The source pointed to research from the Direct Marketing Association showing that for every dollar spent on targeted email campaigns, the average return on investment is around $40.

Of course, targeting requires a strong foundation of data with which marketers can personalize and time their messages with great precision. As eMarketer noted, email is the channel most influenced by first-party user data. While this demands some extra effort upfront, the payoff is much greater than that of a blind blast email campaign. Luckily, marketing automation technology can help streamline these processes for a more impactful strategy.

While social media is a relative newcomer to the digital marketing mix, it has already moved up to second place in terms of overall effectiveness and ROI. As a survey from StrongView Systems revealed, nearly half (49 percent) of today’s marketers are planning to increase spend on building a stronger social media presence for their brands, according to Business2Community.

As with email, however, there is a method to the madness of social media marketing. The news source recommended creating detailed buyer personas that will help target social media efforts based on user preferences and histories with the brand. Furthermore, a varied approach is also important to succeed in this dynamic field, and strategists should spread their efforts across the top social platforms to ensure maximum exposure and consistency.

Although the exact ROI of mobile marketing has yet to be determined in a clear capacity, it’s obvious that this strategy is on the rise, with over 40 percent of brands spending more money on these efforts, according to the StrongView Systems survey. Business2Community also pointed to a US Consumer Device Preference report showing that 65 percent of today’s emails are opened on smartphones, proving that there is plenty of worthwhile opportunity.

Ultimately, brands will need to be well-versed in the three primary digital marketing channels if they want to build a winning campaign. By automating key tasks and generating plenty of first-hand insight, decision-makers should have no problem mastering these methods.