Make the Most Impact on Mobile Email

Email is a vital part of any modern marketing campaign, but unless these messages are optimized for mobile delivery, a brand will surely fall short of its objectives as smartphones and tablets continue to take over.

As Entrepreneur pointed out, mobile consumers are checking their email with increased interest and consistency, using their smartphones to open inboxes nearly as often as they make calls. Clearly, opportunities abound for mobile email success.

Mobile Email
“Subject lines should stand out from the rest of the inbox.”

But despite the obvious and widespread saturation of mobile usage, many marketers remain uncertain about how to best reach an audience on the go through the tried-and-true email channel. It’s time for marketing teams to dive deep into mobile email best practices and make the most of this important tactic to gain an edge. Here are three ways to make it happen:

1. Target the mobile audience: As with any marketing initiative, strategists need to know exactly who they are targeting before putting forth any substantial effort or capital resources. This means determining the size of the mobile audience, investigating their mobile behaviors across browsers and apps, as well as the typical time of day they open emails.

All of these factors will play into the way a marketing team designs its email campaigns, and help ensure that no resources go to waste in the process. Ideally, a team will have access to a range of email templates that allow for fast, targeted deployment.

2. Create specialized content: Concise, high-impact content is the big differentiator in the mobile arena, as attention spans are drastically shortened for readers on the go. Subject lines must be unique and intriguing enough to stand out from the rest of the inbox, especially on a smaller screen that refreshes with every swipe. Content creators should focus on making punchy messages that include plenty of images and calls-to-action.

“With the smaller form factor, every word has to count. Every link has to count,” said Brendan Read, a Frost & Sullivan information and communication technologies industry analyst, according to an article from Destination CRM. “You don’t have the same luxury of space as you used to have on a desktop.”

3. Coordinate across channels: Mobile is a unique platform unto itself, but marketers must remember that there are wide variety of channels accessible through this handheld portal. Email should be a priority, but teams need to keep their campaigns coordinated across social media and in-app advertising formats to achieve the best results. Of course, some strategic repurposing can go a long way in emphasizing an important message and saving money.

“The same message that you’re sending in email has to be available on the Web, in mobile apps, and in social media,” Read stated, according to Destination CRM.

Entrepreneur stated that 53 percent of emails are now viewed on smartphones and tablets. By combining these three tips and leveraging a marketing automation platform to streamline campaign development and management, a brand can make serious strides in the world of mobile email marketing.