5 Inbound Marketing Strategies That Convert More Leads

4) Social Monitoring: Get a Bird’s-Eye View

It’s one thing to get potential customers to interact on social media, but another to do true inbound marketing — which means keeping track of those interactions in a holistic way. You need a 360-degree view of what your most promising prospects are doing and what content performs the best and meets their needs. Social monitoring and analytics help you get a full and complete understanding of your social landscape: You can assign points to various social actions to identify your biggest fans; drive prospects to landing pages and other calls-to-action; automatically publish emails to social channels; and view social interactions through a central dashboard.

5) CRM Integration: Create More Effective Campaigns

Your existing CRM system can turn your marketing automation platform into a powerful inbound marketing tool that doesn’t require IT to constantly step in. You can automatically transfer your valuable lists between the CRM and your marketing automation platform, and can also take leads generated in your marketing automation platform and keep your CRM growing efficiently. Your marketing campaigns will become more effective, and your sales team will thank you.

Go Beyond Nurturing for Inbound Marketing Success

There’s no doubt that inbound marketing can help you attract and nurture prospects at the beginning of the sales cycle. But the right data-driven, automated marketing tools can help you go further down the funnel — turning your ideal prospects into sales-ready leads that convert into paying customers.

Real Magnet offers marketers an easy way to use inbound marketing to efficiently and effectively move prospects through the entire sales funnel, with powerful yet straightforward, industry-specific templates that validate best practices. This scalable solution allows marketers to use the right tools for the most successful campaigns, including email, landing pages, CRM integration, lead scoring, social monitoring and website tracking.

For a deeper dive into what makes Real Magnet an industry leader, view the webinar Building Inbound Marketing Campaigns & Strategies.