Press Release

Washington, D.C., December 14, 2015: Real Magnet, the largest email and marketing automation provider to the association industry, has been invited to speak at this year’s Holiday Showcase hosted by Association Forum of Chicagoland on December 15, 2015. Real Magnet’s CTO and Co-Founder Mitch Eisen will speak on the benefits of marketing automation to one of the Midwest’s largest association gatherings.

The event is the Forum’s largest one-day exhibition of the year with more than 1,400 decision-makers expected to attend. Eisen’s session will provide an opportunity for participants to discover the value of marketing automation in an association context, and learn how to most effectively leverage the technology.

His expertise is backed by years of firsthand involvement with Real Magnet, a leading marketing
automation platform that helps businesses attract, engage and deliver better email, marketing, social and mobile campaigns.

The program will primarily cover the benefits of marketing automation specifically for associations, which include boosted membership engagement, reduced cost, and simplicity for staff members. Eisen will then dive into further detail about the association-specific marketing strategies that have proven successful with the use of automation. This will entail high-level campaign development, as well as highlight how to target individual members with precise segmentation and messaging. Real-world examples and live demonstrations will help attendees envision how they can easily use the system within their own operations.

Real Magnet’s clients cover a wide array of industries in the public and private sector, but association marketing has long been a specialty of Eisen’s. His program frames the conversation with association terminology and objectives that specifically apply to this unique arena. This will let participants see for themselves how the intuitive design and seamless CRM integration of Real Magnet can benefit their associations. With the insights gained from the countless other workshops and lectures at the Holiday Showcase, organizations will have plenty of information to work with as they tackle their objectives.

About Real Magnet

Real Magnet is a leading marketing automation platform that helps businesses attract, engage and deliver better email, marketing, social and mobile campaigns. Real Magnet simplifies marketing automation with its intuitive design, seamless integration with leading CRMs and dedicated consultative team that ensures smarter engagement. Real Magnet’s easy to use platform, intelligent productive analytics and exceptional email deliverability helps the modern marketer navigate and succeed in a complex digital marketing landscape. Real Magnet is the largest email and marketing automation provider to the association industry serving more than 600 associations globally.

About The Association Forum of Chicagoland

The Association Forum of Chicagoland is the “association of associations” in Chicago. Founded in 1916, the Association Forum has:

  • 4,000-plus members.
  • These members represent more than 44,000 association professionals from nearly 1,600 Chicago organizations.
  • Organizations they represent serves 27 million individual members, 9 million donors and generates $10.3 billion annually in economic impact.