Email has ruled the world of digital marketing for nearly two decades, and its influence is still real. However, sending email blasts isn’t as effective as it once was, leading marketers to explore new tactics and technologies.

Marketing automation platforms are perhaps the most popular, offering a number of proven benefits that raise the impact and ROI of email marketing efforts. Read on to discover the advantages of automation.

More leads and clicks
Since the dawn of the digital age, lead generation through email has been the immediate goal of nearly every marketing team across industries. Things haven’t changed too much, but now, automation tools have been shown to generate twice the number of leads than a traditional email campaign that relies purely on message volume.

Automation platforms also make it easier to craft campaigns and monitor their progress, reducing workloads and hands-on involvement. Furthermore, these targeted campaigns are perceived to be twice as effective as traditional email blast messages. It’s a no-brainer for any marketing team – put in half the effort and get twice the results with automation.

Cross-channel strength
Although email still reigns supreme, a number of other marketing channels have been introduced to the digital mix in the past several years. From social media to in-app advertisements and content development, brands are juggling a variety of different technologies to track their many marketing projects.

With the help of automation, marketers can achieve a strong cross-channel strategy without bending over backwards. Internal marketing and sales coordination also gets a boost. Of the teams that already use automation software, 80 percent believe that integration with CRM delivers even more results than a standalone marketing system.

Happy, loyal customers
Automation may generate leads and help with cross-channel marketing efforts, but does it truly generate concrete results? The answer is a resounding yes, with automation users achieving a 152 percent increase in click-through rates as a result of the software. This is the result of personalized emails including thank you messages and birthday notes.

Research also shows that 75 percent of email marketing revenue is a result of actions other than basic email blasts, so it’s clear that a little innovation goes a long way. Furthermore, only 13 percent of marketers use automation in the context of their email campaigns, meaning the time is now for businesses to gain the competitive edge.

Email Marketing vs Marketing Automation