Now that 2016 has arrived, marketers everywhere are revamping their strategies for success in the new year. No two strategies are exactly alike, of course, but by leveraging these six marketing essentials, brand leaders can easily maximize the impact of their efforts in 2016.

First, marketers must improve their ability to collect information from their customers in order to strengthen personalized content and messages. Since 75 percent of consumers gladly share this data, its up to marketers to gather it quickly and effectively.

Online shoppers also expect real-time targeting in 2016, and 74 percent of them will be annoyed by sites that recommend irrelevant products and services. Customer data should be used wisely and precisely.

On the content development front, marketers will need to keep creating branded materials this year if they want to build trust and engage audiences. Considering that 90 percent of consumers believe that branded content is informational and helpful, it would be wise for every brand to focus on this in 2016.

Marketers should also ramp up their social media efforts this year, as 71 percent of customers only spread the good word about a brand if it is active on channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Staying active on social media is low risk and high reward.

Brands can’t forget about mobile either, now that 83 percent of shoppers expect a seamless, multi-channel experience that bridges across devices. Everything from email to advertisements must be mobile optimized in 2016 if brands want to succeed.

Finally, marketers will need to work on tracking ROI with greater efficiency and transparency. Assessing returns is a challenge for 71 percent of marketing teams, so those that can improve on this front will be ahead of the pack this new year.

Marketing Essentials 2016