Modern marketers need every advantage they can get, especially in the email arena. Optimizing text below the message subject line – known as preheaders – can give them the edge if done correctly. Here are some ways in which these small blocks of text can make a big impact.

Quick and to the point
The average email inbox is overcrowded, and recipients only spend three or four seconds before deciding whether to click on a message. By adding a compelling preheader – no more than 75 characters long – marketers can create a more dynamic and exciting first impression, encouraging more clicks.

Since most emails preheaders are left blank, brands that commit to adding this text are far more likely to get results. In fact, the simple inclusion of a preheaders can boost email open rates by over 100 percent. It’s a fast, simple and proven way to stand out from the crowd in a cluttered email environment.

Influence and insight
Research shows that preheaders make a positive difference, but do consumers believe that they respond better to messages that feature unique text? While only 30 percent of recipients think that preheaders matter, it’s clear that the influence of these messages is far greater, perhaps on a subconscious level.

When marketers personalize these messages, preheaders yield even more impressive results: six times as many transactions than those with generic text. Names, dates and recommendations are simple additions that make a major difference.

Make it mobile
Every marketer knows the power of mobile optimization, and in the email arena, open rates have increased by 30 percent over the past five years. With this in mind, preheaders should be made highly visible and compelling to be readily seen on the smaller mobile screen.