Competition is stiff for today’s organizations, and marketers are tasked with engaging audiences in compelling new ways. Dynamic content is one method yielding serious results, offering consumers personalized and targeted messages that make a real impact. Marketers should consider the following facts and figures as they approach this important new strategy.

Keep it relevant
Email marketers hate to see their databases dwindle, and dynamic content may be the solution to this problem. More than half (56 percent) of email recipients unsubscribe from lists due to irrelevant content, meaning that personalized messaging is an invaluable asset for every brand.

In fact, 75 percent of online shoppers feel annoyed by irrelevant ads and promotions while browsing e-commerce websites. With dynamic material populating their pages, brands will maintain the interest of shoppers as they navigate.

Clicks and conversions
For today’s marketers, click-through rates are key indicators of success, and dynamic content can boost this metric by up to 73 percent when done right. A bit of personalized information goes a long way.

Furthermore, dynamic messaging benefits the bottom line, increasing leads and sales opportunities by 20 percent through a more targeted nurturing process. Personalized calls-to-action are especially powerful, and are 42 percent more effective for making conversions than static messages.

Ask and ye shall receive
Many marketers get hung up on how to gather these personal details to craft targeted content. The truth is, 60 percent of Web users are happy to provide brands with this information – but only if they know that it would lead to a stronger customer experience.

Brands that can collect and responsibly leverage personal data will be the winners in the today’s marketing arena, relying on dynamic content to generate leads and boost sales.

Dynamic Content