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6 Reasons Why You Need Marketing Automation

6 Reasons Why You Need Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is brimming with value, and countless companies will report benefits ranging from increased engagement to overall revenue boosts. But there are even more reasons why a brand should consider leveraging these solutions.

Let’s look at six challenges that may not be at the top of the marketing to-do list, but that can be easily addressed using the right automation tools.

1. Centralization: Between email, social media, programmatic advertising and content creation, the typical marketing department handles a huge array of responsibilities. Over time, juggling these demands becomes tiresome, and brands may not be meeting their full potential as a result.

Automation puts the power back in the hands of the marketer by centralizing all of these channel functions at a single point of control. No more scrambling to switch between various programs to get the job done.

2. Governance: There is a wealth of customer data that flows through every marketing department, and this information needs to be organized and kept private in order to meet compliance standards. According to The Drum, an Accenture report found that this is a challengefor 42 percent of organizations.

By leveraging marketing automation tools, marketers can keep better track of the information generated by their initiatives and ensure that this data is archived properly.

3. Proving ROI: Marketing departments have always struggled to pinpoint return on investment, making it hard to identify exactly which efforts are worth pursuing. With automation software, marketers can track the buyer journey more effectively and see which strategies are paying off.

This not only helps a brand make smarter marketing investments, it also reduces the risks of traditional trial-and-error approaches. Plus, executives will become more confident in the marketing department and possibly boost budgets.

4. Skill sets: As the Accenture report revealed, more than a quarter of companies (27 percent) cited staff skill shortages as an issue facing the marketing department. Understaffing is also a problem, meaning that marketing teams are stretched thin, especially in light of the diversified responsibilities they manage.

By leveraging automation programs, marketing departments can get more mileage out of their existing staff, making the most of their resources and reducing the number of manual tasks that must be performed on a regular basis.

5. Creativity: Marketing software should bring out the best in a team of professionals, and this means empowering staff members with creative canvasses. Building campaigns, content and personalized elements can all be simplified with marketing automation, making things easier for all – even those without a design background.

6. Partnerships: The average marketing department manages a number of partnerships with public relations firms, ad agencies and other third-party groups. Automation simplifies and strengthens these relationships by providing a single platform for the majority of marketing functions. This improves collaboration by increasing visibility and access.

Automation clearly has a lot of advantages that may not be apparent on the surface. For more information on marketing automation reach out to us at contact[@]