Marketing Automation can seem like an intimidating prospect. In the recent past the technology was complex, cumbersome and may have seemed more trouble than it’s worth. That’s all changed with Real Magnet’s Marketing Automation campaign templates and tools. Now that we’ve solved the technology issue we’d like to share four reasons your association needs Marketing Automation today!


Improve Your Ability To Attract and Retain Members

shutterstock_410450134Marketing automation can help you better manage your lead generation process – capturing new potential members, then nurturing them until they are ready to join.


Engage Members with Better Targeting and More Relevant Content

shutterstock_252391039Marketing automation captures member interest through clicks, opens, landing page submissions, website tracking and lead scoring, enabling marketers to precisely target their campaigns to those who will find them most relevant.


Drive Non-Dues Revenue Like Events and Conferences

shutterstock_195029657By automating all aspects of event promotions, reminders, and follow-ups, you ensure your members receive timely information, meaning they can quickly register (and pay) for the event. You can also target those who forgot to register when they visited your registration page, recapturing their interest.


Improve Your Marketing Efficiency to Save Time and Money

shutterstock_418415218By automating repetitive tasks, you can reduce the time spent on them – freeing up staff to work on other projects, enabling you to do more with the same resources.

Companies that have adopted marketing automation perform well compared to companies that haven’t:

Capture intelligence for the sales team, compared to 25% without marketing automation
Can use intelligent targeting to trigger content, compared to 17% without marketing automation
Regularly repurpose content for efficiency, compared with 28% of companies without marketing automation

The Lenskold Group, “2013 Lead-Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study” (2013)

Become A Marketing Ninja with our Engagement Scoring Guide!

Various theoretical approaches to lead scoring have been bandied about for quite some time, but it’s difficult to find an actual scoring model. With hundreds of clients and a Marketing Automation solution designed specifically for marketers, Real Magnet is pleased to offer a Scoring Model in the hope that industry professionals will find it useful.