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Real Magnet New Features and Updates: May 2016

New Features and Updates!

Here at Real Magnet we are constantly developing new tools — and improving existing ones — to help better meet the needs of our users. Here are a few things that we’ve been working on lately:

New Powerful and Flexible Integrations

Real Magnet Integration with Zapier
Do more with Real Magnet by using our new Zapier integration to automate processes with the other apps you use like Gmail, Google Sheets & Google Contacts. Read more about the integration and see what Zaps are currently available.

Seeking BETA Testers for Higher Logic Integration
With the new Real Magnet – Higher Logic integration, information will pass seamlessly between the two systems, allowing you to connect with your community members even better with highly targeted and personalized email messages from Real Magnet. Help us by becoming a BETA tester!

New Marketing Automation Campaign Templates

We’ve added new Marketing Automation campaign types! When selecting a campaign template for a new MA campaign you’ll notice a few new options, including:

  • Simple Rule. Set up a quick campaign based on a single rule, like sending a specific message once a particular link is clicked.
  • Single Message. Want to send a simple one-off message with the benefits of MA-style tracking? Here is the campaign you’re looking for.
  • Drip/ Nurture. Send a series of emails with a specific time interval in between. With no “goal,” this campaign is intended to educate your audience.

A/B Testing Updates

We’ve released an updated A/B testing tool! Located in the Marketing Automation campaign dropdown, the new A/B testing tool allows for:

  • testing of subject lines, pre-header text, from address and time of send
  • testing an unlimited number of variations
  • winners to be automatically sent to the remaining recipients in your campaign

The new A/B testing tool uses the same, simple, question-based user interface as all other Marketing Automation campaigns. Learn more!

A/B Testing for Landing Pages — Coming soon!
We’re also in the process of developing A/B testing functionality for landing pages to help our clients squeeze the most out of every conversion opportunity.