Raab Associates Evaluate Real Magnet Marketing Automation Solution

As a well known and respected consultant in the marketing automation industry, David Raab is in tune with the latest news, trends and breakthroughs in marketing automation technology. Recently, Real Magnet CTO, Mitch Eisen, had the pleasure of leading David on a guided tour through Real Magnet’s innovative Marketing Automation platform.

David highlighted what he saw on his blog, in a post titled “Real Magnet Offers Complex Campaigns Without the Flow Charts.” Here’s some of what he had to say…

I recently saw a useful distinction between AI – artificial intelligence, which is machines replacing people – and IA – intelligent assistance, which is machines helping people. Real Magnet, an email service provider turned marketing automation vendor with over 1,000 clients, doesn’t position itself as either. But its flagship feature is letting marketers create sophisticated, multi-step campaigns by answering handful of questions in a template. The remaining work to implement the marketers’ choices is done by the system. That sounds like Intelligent Assistance to me.

This piques my interest because I’ve long argued that the chief roadblock to wider use of marketing automation is the difficulty of setting up campaigns, and have offered Artificial Intelligence as the solution. That is, I have been looking for systems that automatically design campaigns (or deliver optimal customer treatments without campaigns), thereby removing the roadblock by doing the work on the marketers’ behalf. This has always felt a bit optimistic, but, then, so do self-driving cars. An Intelligence Assistance approach seems like a more plausible near-term alternative – analogous to the “driver assist” features already finding their way into automobiles.

Of course, many marketing automation systems use templates as part of their campaign set-up. What sets Real Magnet apart is the entire set-up is done through the templates. The system does offer a conventional workflow builder (which is quite nice, in fact) but it’s not needed for campaigns that fit the standard templates. Users do have the ability to convert template campaigns to the workflow format for customization.

Read David Raab’s full review of Real Magnet’s Marketing Automation solution on his blog.

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