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LinkedIn Redesign: What it Means for Your Content

LinkedIn Redesign: What it Means for Your Content

Calie Brennan, Creative Director, Real Magnet 

As many of you have probably noticed, LinkedIn has rolled out a new design that aims to make visual content the focus of their user experience.

One of the biggest changes is that images are getting a lot more attention in the feed. Link previews now have the ability to use large images instead of the thumbnails used in previous versions. Take a look:

As you can see, in the new card-style layout, LinkedIn has removed the descriptive text, so make sure that your title text gets your message across and encourages users to click!

This new format is a departure from previous versions of LinkedIn that only displayed side layouts along with title and text:

For the new card-style format, the desktop version of the image is 520px x 272px, which is a ratio of 1.91:1. To optimize images for retina displays, use an image that is twice the size of your target dimensions — ideally, 1140px x 544px. LinkedIn automatically scales images optimally for mobile users.

LinkedIn will still display the side layout for smaller images, so to take advantage of the large-image card be sure that your image is at least 500px wide and 250px tall.

What this means for Real Magnet users

LinkedIn’s redesign is an obvious nod to the growing trends of shorter, visual content and card-style layouts for social media posts.

The good news for Real Magnet users is that our social tools already optimize your image for you! Easily create social cards with our social card generator and then post them across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simultaneously.

LinkedIn’s content-focused redesign is a perfect opportunity for Real Magnet users to grow their business presence on LinkedIn using optimized, visual content.