Avoid Email Rendering Issues with our Updated Deliverability Testing Page

Javi Calderon, Content Marketing Manager, Real Magnet

Experienced email marketers know that designing an awesome email isn’t as easy as it may seem. With dozens of different devices, screen sizes, browsers and email clients out there, your email design can look vastly different across all these possible combinations.

Even more frustrating, changes made to fix how your email appears on one browser or email client can throw it off on another! This is why testing your email across browsers, devices and email clients is critical to successful email marketing.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Real Magnet offers Deliverability Testing through Litmus that allows you to test how your email will render across popular web, desktop and mobile email clients, giving you the peace of mind that your email will look great no matter where or how your recipients view it.

Our Updated Deliverability Testing Page 

It’s an exciting time at Real Magnet as we continue to update and redesign our various modules and pages to match the stylings in our Marketing Automation module.

We started off with high-traffic pages like the Messages Grid, the Contacts Grid and the Send Page, and will continue on to updating our Login Page and others as soon as we’re wrapped up with the Deliverability Testing Page.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Log into Real Magnet, click on any of the module tabs along the top navigation bar, and look for this link at the top right of the page:

This will switch you over to the new, redesigned modules and pages. Don’t like it? You’ll find a new link, in the same spot, to flip you back to the old look and feel.

If you don’t see this link there may be several reasons why — primarily, you have been a Real Magnet customer for less than a year and were therefore originally onboarded with this new design. If you’ve been a Real Magnet customer for longer and still don’t see this link, contact your internal Real Magnet account administrator, your account manager, or Real Magnet Support for more information.

How the Deliverability Testing Page has Changed

The new Deliverability Testing Page has all the same features and functionality, we’ve just moved it around and made the page easier to understand and consume.

Let’s first take a look at the old usability and spam score layout:

Without clicking into the details for each test, the most useful information provided here is your usability status. So, we’ve made the status the central focus of our redesign.

Click on the icons to get more details about each test.

Next, we decided to solely focus on SpamAssassin for email spam testing. One big improvement is that we added an overall Spam pass / fail feature, with some additional information about various tests that SpamAssassin provides.

Now, let’s take a look at the changes we’ve made to our email renderings across popular devices.

Here you see the old version of our email testing renderings. Each small icon represented a device and model, so you could see how your emails would render on each of these devices.

This is great eye candy, but a bit impractical, as you still had to click into each icon to see how the email would render on that device.

So we switched it up!

We’ve lost the icons, but gained speed and an easier experience of viewing your various email renderings. These new renderings are more life-size, as they would appear on the actual physical device.

You can quickly and easily toggle between device renderings using the desktop, webmail, and mobile buttons across the top, and the directional arrows at the top left and right corners.

The sneaky-important feature in this redesign is the dropdown at the top right corner, which allows you to switch between all deliverability tests that you’ve sent for this specific message. This is a huge timesaver and helps you quickly and easily assess the changes you’ve made to fix rendering issues.

Overall, we feel that these changes improve the ease and usability to the overall experience of our Deliverability Testing Page.

This page is hot off the presses, so we’re still working out some of the kinks. If you like what you see, log into your accounts, switch over to the new design, test it out, and then let us know what you think! We hope you like it as much as we do.