3 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Samantha Swift, Marketing and Conferences Coordinator, Real Magnet

Who are millennials? And what’s all the fuss about them anyway? The millennial generation is comprised of young adults who are within the age range of early 20’s to early 30’s. Accounting for nearly 80 million Americans (nearly 25% of the population) this generation has enormous influence and buying power. Raised in the Internet Age, millennials are incredibly tech savvy and idealistic, and tend to view anything salesy or insincere with scorn.

Targeting millennials can be tricky – well-versed in navigating vast masses of content and offers on a daily basis, your efforts are likely to be ignored unless you find creative ways to pique their interests. But if you do it right, you’ll find that millennials are eager to buy, share, and champion your brand among friends and social media followers.  

So how can you establish marketing practices that will consistently attract millennials? Here are 3 quick tips.  

Focus on Social and Mobile

First, let’s discuss the main methods that millennials use to connect with each other and the world around them – their mobile phones and social media platforms. It’s no surprise that you’ll have to meet them on their terms, with mobile-optimized promotions and sites that make interacting with your brand an easy and enjoyable experience. These days, social is a must. Not only does it allow you to engage with millennials, but it allows you to get in front of millions of potential viewers, visitors, buyers and influencers of all ages and demographics. If you do it right, you’ll get the added bonus of viral and influencer marketing to further boost your reach.

Be creative, fun, and try different things. However, make sure to stay true to your brand. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are a must. If you already have a strong presence in all three, and your brand and industry can provide you with enough interesting visual content, Instagram and SnapChat are pretty hip these days.

Teach, Don’t Sell

Millennials, like all adults, are being sold something everywhere they look. There’s so many offers and options that it becomes easy just to block it all out. In fact, more than 75% of millennials admit that they distrust traditional advertising. To break through you have to provide content that is truly unique and provides value. Crafting interesting content shows off your expertise and gets readers to come back to you to as a resource. This is a great, low friction way to sell your product. When the time comes that a loyal reader needs your product, you’ll be at the top of their list.

This approach goes hand in hand with inbound marketing tactics like blogging, social media, and SEO. Millennials spend more than 25 hours a week surfing the web. Create great content that is worth sharing, put it out there, and they will come.

Be Honest and Authentic

Building a brand is about more than a fancy logo and website. To gain millennials’ trust you have to be human, honest and authentic. Shocking!

A critical part of branding and attracting millennials is creating an ethos that evokes specific, positive emotions about your company. Think of a major company — let’s say Apple, and you immediately think of words like, sleek, modern, and sophisticated. Nike wants everyone to participate in health and sports. Even though top athletes wear their shoes, you can too! This is evident throughout their ads and company culture.

So what are your company values? What image is your brand trying to portray? These concepts should permeate your website design, your promotions, your social media strategy and even how you interact with customers and prospects. Millennials are not interested in engaging with a corporate machine, they want to interact with humans. So being honest and authentic in your marketing and advertising will go a long way towards attracting their attention.

Luckily for marketers, the types of approaches that are required to attract millennials are also established, current best practices for marketing in general. Focusing on these tips will help you get in touch with millennials, but also help you attract buyers and influencers from across all demographics.