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Infographic – Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Natural Allies

Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Natural Allies

If your company has buried its outbound marketing efforts, it’s time to dig them up – this class of outreach has been prematurely declared dead, but it remains relevant. In recent years, marketers have touted the effectiveness of inbound marketing strategies, emphasizing that it’s better to let customers discover your company that to constantly reach out to them.

While it’s true that inbound marketing is an effective way to reach an audience in today’s digitally connected marketplace, these strategies may show some blind spots without a matching dose of outbound marketing. No matter how powerful a single approach to outreach may be, strategies that are too narrow in their focus can end up missing swaths of potential customers.

Creating a winning strategy
Integrating classic outbound tactics such as email campaigns with inbound approaches that focus more on content creation can give your organization a wide-ranging portfolio of ways to reach and influence consumers. The following are a few important reasons to generate such a hybrid system instead of letting any one type of marketing stand alone:

A new kind of effectiveness
The fact that inbound and outbound strategies gather leads in highly distinct ways is the main clue that they work better together than separately. Furthermore, the two distinct methods can fuel one another. A customer drawn in by an inbound campaign can give an email address and ask for more details – the actual messages that will convey that information will be part of a thought-out outbound marketing campaign.

Some of the technologies that have revolutionized marketing in recent years work well for both types of outreach, and are especially helpful when the two strategies are combined. For instance, databases that create a single source of truth for marketers’ efforts thrive off of taking content from as many channels as possible and can empower just about any kind of outreach.

The key for marketers is to never lose track of the target audience. The people who will visit the brand are the important ones in any outreach scenario. A plan that has been accurately formulated to get through to the people who will deliver value to the brand is infinitely more valuable than a hands-off edict to go all-inbound or all-outbound.

Chances are, the situationally appropriate strategy will naturally contain elements of both inbound promotion and outbound outreach. As long as a company commits itself to effective marketing, driven by data and taking all possible methods into account, it’ll be on the right track.

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