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Infographic: Generating Inbound Leads

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The current marketing landscape is built around inbound leads. Luring curious viewers to a website with great content then turning those visitors into customers is the goal of these efforts, and well-placed marketing automation tools can lead to positive outcomes. Here are three advantages of using these systems:

Infographic: Today’s Marketing Must Haves

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Marketing today means determining which channels are most effective in a very specific context. Every year brings new breakthroughs and evolution, both in the way people consume marketing content and the processes that create it. Here are some of today's effective methods:

Your Newsletters Are Trash(ed) – Fix Them

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According to a Microsoft study the average attention span is a mere 8 seconds. That is surprisingly less than even the lowly goldfish (which beats us by a whole second)! Contrast that with the average newsletter I receive and I don’t even haven the attention span to get bored by the irrelevant articles before I’ll trash your earnest effort at outreach. If jerks like me are the recipients on your email marketing lists you have a problem – lets discuss how to fix it.

Infographic: Which Engagement Metrics Matter?

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It's no secret that marketing today is designed to keep customers engaged for significant periods of time, hopefully turning consumers into frequent buyers and securing repeat purchases in an era when loyalty is hard to come by.

Death To Silos & Other Marketing Nonsense

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Organizations of any size can build silos between departments, management & front line staff and even within teams that have a common goal. This is especially true within modern marketing teams, as marketers now sit at the intersection between IT, sales, and innovation/product management in many organizations.

Infographic: The Basics of Paid Social Media

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It’s no secret that everyone is on social media these days, making each platform a powerful communication tool for your brand. When creating your social media strategy, it’s important to focus on the social platforms you know your audience uses and tailor your content for each to achieve optimal results.Unsure how to get started? Check out our list of best practices below to create a paid social strategy that soars.

An Association Marketer’s Guide to Creating Personas

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The term “persona” may sound like highfalutin jargon, but really it is just the latest term for what always has been Marketing 101: Know your audience, and deliver what is interesting and relevant to it.

Infographic: What Should My Marketing Budget Be?

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Marketing is an important area to budget for. Even in the supposedly affordable era of social media and direct connection with customers, being seen calls for serious investment. While every company's needs are different, the following trends can point the way toward your own marketing decisions.

Infographic: Why Is Content King?

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There are a huge variety of ways to get a business name out there, from advertising to networking to working with external partners, but creating good original content maintains a vaunted place in strategies. So, this begs the question: Why is content king?

Infographic: Why Marketers Leverage Dynamic Content

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Dynamic content, consisting of messages that personalize your marketing approach for particular customers, can change the experience of interacting with your brand for the better. Marketers are embracing this technique because of its potential benefits: