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Infographic: The Power of Frequency Marketing

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Reaching out repeatedly to ensure your company holds onto its customers is a powerful strategy, and it can take several forms. The idea behind frequency marketing is simple: Stay visible to ensure customers stay loyal over time. Here are a few of the related tactics:

New Real Magnet Features – Winter 2016 Social Update

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Just in the time for the holidays we've got our gift to you! Our winter 2016 updates has lots of goodies and treats for all marketers! Watch the video for a quick overview or simply scroll down for the highlights.

Infographic: Get Big Visibility with Webinar Marketing

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A webinar is a great opportunity to provide an in-depth showcase for products or services. Here are some facts to keep in mind when putting a relevant strategy into action:

Infographic: Outbound Marketing’s Continuing Role

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In a world shifting toward new and different marketing methods, what place do traditional outbound tactics have? As it happens, there is still value in bringing a message to customers in addition to waiting for them to come to you. Here are three ways outbound campaigns help you:

Infographic: The Role of GIFs in Modern Marketing

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Animated GIFs are their own kind of online language. Little bits of pop culture are repurposed to send just about any message imaginable. But how can you use these images to promote your brand? Below are two approaches to try - and one to avoid at all costs.

Infographic: Segmentation in Marketing

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Marketing today means deploying specialized messages for audience segments instead of releasing the same information to everyone. Segmenting the audience has become such an ingrained tactic that performing simple segmentation is no longer enough - it's time to use strong data to intelligently and effectively target customers. Here are three ways to improve segmentation beyond the basics:

Infographic: Don’t Let Your Email List Be Overrun by Zombies

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The air's getting cooler and Halloween's approaching - it's time to keep an eye out for creeping hordes of zombies, especially in your email marketing mailing list. Get rid of these ghouls to get your campaign back on track! What makes a zombie? Look for a few clear signs to see if some of the addresses in youremail marketing list are zombies and not still receptive: 1. Duplicate email addresses: It's possible for people to end up on your list twice. Get rid of these sinister doppelgangers. 2. Addresses that always bounce: If mail can't get through to an address, it's not alive.

Infographic: Customer Onboarding

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Bringing new customers into the fold is one of the most critical moments for any company. This is the time to deploy great marketing materials that will make new clients stick around for years to come. Here are a few ways to maximize this important time.

Infographic: Inbound Marketing – 3 Questions Answered

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Inbound marketing is a leading strategy today - customers are self-directed and independent, so helping them discover companies on their own terms is intuitive. But this method is a big change from outbound campaigns, so marketers may have questions. Here are three and their answers.

Infographic: Making Drip Marketing Work

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The steady drip of an automated email marketing campaign can be a vital element of an overall outreach strategy. People can easily forget about brands if they spend too much time without hearing a company's name. Today's media-saturated landscape leaves consumers with no shortage of choice, and the most recent offer a customer receives may be the one he acts on when it's time to buy. So once organizations get their hands on mailing list sign-ups, it's best to keep reaching out.