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Michael focuses his time on Real Magnet's Marketing Automation and Social tools.

Webinar Replay: Maximizing Impact Across Email & Social Marketing

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Is anyone paying attention? That thought can haunt even the best marketers. Finding ways to standout, be memorable, and critically, be actionable are essential for marketing success at any organization. Watch the webinar to hear Real Magnet’s Product Manager, Michael Al-Megdad, explain the trend of content convergence, email & social optimization, and what new tools are available in Real Magnet to maximize [...]

Infographic: Staggering Social Statistics

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For every successful platform in the social media world, there are many that don't take hold. Separating the wheat from the chaff is important, but leaders can play too safe by sticking to only longtime stalwarts Facebook and Twitter. Other channels can help, and they have the numbers to back it up.

Infographic: Building Blocks Of Great Website User Tracking

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Marketers who have set up good websites for their respective orgs may believe their work in that arena is done - but if they aren't tracking how visitors interact with those pages, they are missing a huge opportunity. A few simple building blocks can make a great strategy.

Infographic: Webinars – The Hidden Gem of Digital Marketing

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Marketers are always searching for the complete package - a web asset that boosts engagement, generates new leads and keeps costs low. As it turns out, webinars accomplish all of these things, making them an ideal marketing investment. Let’s look at three webinar rules you need to keep in mind to take full advantage of this format.

The Changing Nature of Content (October 6th, 2pm ET)


Technology is changing every aspect of how we communicate, including the structure and distribution of the content we consume. In this webinar, we will explore how content is evolving, which tools are pushing this change, and how Associations can use these trends to their advantage.

5 Ways to Improve Registrations for Your Webinars

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People will be far more likely to register for your webinar if the topic is current. Educational topics or webinars that provide continuing education credits will garner higher registration and attendance.

Maximizing Impact Across Email & Social Marketing

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Trends in content creation and consumption Optimization for email & social content creation Content effectiveness measurements New social functionality coming to Real Magnet

One Weird Trick to Increase Member Renewals

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A series of bland renewal notices don’t show your members the value of continuing their membership. Connect the dots by customizing your renewal emails to each member.

Four Reasons Your Association Needs Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation used to be complex and cumbersome, but Real Magnet's Marketing Automation campaign templates and tools have changed all that.

Infographic: New Rules for Customer Engagement

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Digitization has changed the customer experience significantly, and it takes more to keep shoppers engaged in a world with so many online options and distractions. Let’s look at three of the new rules of customer engagement to help your brand succeed.