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How Marketing Automation can Help with Member Retention (October 27th, 2pm ET)


One of the toughest jobs that association marketers face is providing value to their existing members year over year. By automating renewals, and developing email strategies that provide more personalized outreach, marketers can use automation to boost their member retention efforts.

Don’t Overlook Your Biggest Asset: Existing Customers

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It’s no surprise that growing companies have new customers on their mind. Naturally, if you want to build your business, you need to attract new prospects and nurture them along the sales journey. In fact, generating more leads that are qualified is the number one perceived benefit of marketing automation software, according to a survey of more than 50,000 B2B marketers from Pepper Group.

4 Ways to Overcome Biggest Data Challenges

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Data has revolutionized all things marketing over the past decade, from how marketers attract prospects and manage customer relationships to how they measure success and work more efficiently. No longer are marketers simply message-pushers with big television advertising budgets. Instead, modern marketers wear many hats, from strategist and analyst to technologist, researcher, writer, editor, designer and project manager. Data ties nearly every aspect of this fast-evolving role together.

We’re Hiring! – Strategic Account Manager


Real Magnet, based in Bethesda MD, is a leading Email Services Provider (ESP) with integrated Social Media and Marketing Automation capabilities. The Company has over 1,000 clients across a range of industries including associations, publishing, hospitality and higher education. The Strategic Account Manager (SAM) is responsible for maximizing satisfaction and revenue potential for accounts. You will represent the entire [...]

The Canadian Bottled Water Association has selected Real Magnet as their Email Marketing Provider

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The Canadian Bottled Water Association has selected Real Magnet as it's email marketing platform, as it looks to amplify its efforts in the digital marketing arena. The CBWA is the latest addition RealMagnet's large portfolio of association partners.

Avoid The Biggest Marketing Automation Mishaps

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Marketing automation software is a highly valuable asset for any brand, but it is not a cure-all for the challenges and concerns of modern marketers. In fact, such solutions can even serve to reveal weaknesses in a company's marketing strategy, proving that there is no substitute for hard work.

6 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2016

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With the year winding down, now is the perfect time for marketing teams to think about what's to come in 2016 on the social media front.

Infographic: What are the stages of the customer life cycle?

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In a digital age that features such a vast range of consumer technologies, no two customer journeys are exactly alike. However, the customer life cycle tends to follow a similar pattern, and marketers make it their mission to understand more about this sequence of events to drive leads and sales.

Digital Marketing Year In Review: 2015

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Digital marketing made some serious strides in 2015, and it's the perfect time to reflect on the most significant developments of the year. With a thorough understanding of how the past 12 months have progressed, they'll be able to begin 2016 with a strong foundation for marketing success. Here's a look at the digital trends that made 2015 such a big year for marketers.

Have You Forgotten These Marketing Best Practices?

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Schedule with precision - Great marketing campaigns stick to a tight schedule, especially those that succeed in the highly competitive holiday season. These schedules are by no means arbitrary, either. They are designed based on data that tells marketers the best times to send emails and the types of messages that work best at certain moments. In other words, there's a science to email timing.