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4 Ways Publishers Should Measure Welcome Campaigns

Marketing Automation|

Most publishers find that the best prospects for upsells are their new subscribers. The classic strategy many publishers employ is to send a series of “Welcome messages” to new subscribers in the hopes of triggering quick upsell conversions. But how effective are these types of campaigns, really? And perhaps more importantly, how do you know [...]

Spring is Here! It’s the Perfect Time to Clean Up your Real Magnet Account

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It was a brutal winter for most of us across the United States. Now that the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, we’re back to our yearly routines of cleaning out closets, sprucing up our lawns, and getting ready for the rest of 2014. Like your home during those cruel winter months, your Real Magnet account gets cluttered and cramped over time, and can benefit from a thorough cleaning. What better time than now, when spring is in the air? Follow these tips and get your Real Magnet assets better organized to cut down on time spent surfing through grids, get a fresh look at your reporting metrics, and even improve your deliverability rates! […]

March Madness is Here! Do Your Subject Lines Pass the Eye Test?


March Madness is here once again, and like every year, millions of Americans get caught up filling out their brackets, making their predictions, and trying to prove their knowledge (or luck) to their friends and coworkers. Some spend hours meticulously making their picks: scrutinizing every option, pouring through stats, comparing strength of schedules, wins and losses, etc. – others simply make their decisions on a whim or go with their gut, and some even turn to more unorthodox methods for making their picks. […]

Introducing Template Zone Editing Restrictions

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How to Set Template Zone Editing Restrictions Real Magnet has introduced a new feature that allows template designers to restrict the available editing tools that users can utilize to edit individual zones within their templates. This is designed to help protect an organization’s branding by restricting the creative latitude of individual users. Using the Template Zone Editing Restrictions, the template designer can deactivate the use of the various editing tools on a per zone basis, including: Delete, Edit, Copy, Drag, Drop, and Disable (which completely prevents the user from interacting with that particular zone) and many more. […]

The Changing Nature of Content

Content Strategy|

There is no denying that within the last decade there has been a massive shift in how we consume media content. As a result, the characteristics of that media are changing drastically as well. Admit it, the first thing you did when you opened this page was scroll down to see how long it was. You’ve probably checked your Email and Facebook page a couple times since then, too. Personally, I can barely get through a chapter in a book these days without fidgeting or reaching for my phone. […]

9 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Marketing Results by Integrating Email and Social Media


In my two previous posts I explained why integrating your email and social media marketing is crucial, but how exactly do you do it? In a recent webinar, Integrated Email and Social Marketing: Tips and Trends, I discussed nine practical tactics that you can quickly and easily adopt that have generated great results for Real Magnet and our customers. It’s very important to note that the success of these tactics depend on your audience’s perception of how valuable your content is to them. When implementing these methods it’s critical that you clearly communicate the specific benefits your audience will gain from your content. […]

Why Connecting Social Media and Email Marketing is Key


Why Connecting Social Media and Email Marketing is Key to Unlocking Crucial Information on Individuals and Behaviors Your ability to collect, analyze, and utilize information on individuals in your audiences and their behaviors across email and all social media channels is critical to best communicating with them and achieving your marketing goals. As I discussed in a recent webinar, Integrated Email and Social Marketing: Tips and Trends, connecting your email and social media marketing is the key to unlocking this ability. […]

8 Critical Reasons to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing


“Why do we need to connect our email and social media marketing?” It’s a question I often answer while talking with customers, prospects, and partners, and a key topic I discussed in a recent webinar, Integrated Email and Social Marketing: Tips and Trends. Understanding the benefits of connecting email and social media marketing, and the negative consequences not doing so could have on your organization, is your first step to achieving your marketing goals. 10 Minute Video Overview […]

Saving Time by Automating Your List Uploads

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Some of our customers are spending more time than necessary uploading lists into their Real Magnet account.  If you’re one of them, then you should learn about a simple, easy-to-implement process we’ve developed that automates the list transfer process and saves you and your organization a significant amount of time! We call it Simple Data Transfer (Simple DT), which lets you set up an automated process for updating and adding contacts to your groups in Real Magnet.   This is particularly helpful to organizations that send recurring daily or weekly emails to lists that need to be continuously updated.  With Simple DT you can update all of your lists automatically in one fell swoop! […]

Steps to Better Email & Social Integration


Are you taking the right tactical and strategic measures to integrate your email and social marketing? Find out if you are by joining us today, Wed., Oct. 30th at 1 PM EST for a live event, INTEGRATED EMAIL AND SOCIAL MARKETING: TIPS AND TRENDS, presented by Mitch Eisen, CIO and Co-Founder of Real Magnet. This 45-minute webinar will cover […]