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Real Magnet-Avectra Webinar Today at 2PM


Today our CIO, Mitch Eisen, is the featured speaker on a webinar hosted by our AMS partner, Avectra. Mitch will be presenting on the convergence of email and social messaging and the tactics marketers are using to integrate the two. Specifically he’ll address: […]

Turning On New Subscribers

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Whether you’ve just added a new customer, newsletter subscriber, or member, your first email has the potential to make or break the relationship. The first email a new subscriber should receive is a triggered message confirming the new subscription or transaction. The performance of triggered messages is vastly superior to business-as-usual emails because it is the one time when you know your audience is attentive and even anticipating a message from you. However, simply telling them in machine-speak that their subscription is confirmed not only squanders nearly perfect audience attention; it also loses you the chance to build on the momentum they’ve started by subscribing in the first place, which pays off in every subsequent message. So what to do?  Use your confirmation email to set the tone for the rest of your email program: be engaging, including links to your social sites and leaving them wanting more. Make it graphically appealing with calls to action and information about upcoming events and new products. […]

Appointing a Chief Email Strategy Officer

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We spend a lot of time talking about email strategy, or balancing the needs of today’s email program with its needs next quarter, next year and in five years. We all understand the need for email strategy because we all want to make sure our email program is as strong in the future as it is today – or stronger. But the question invariably comes up, “So whose job is email strategy anyway?” The answer is an aggravating “it depends.” Depending on a company’s email program, organizational structure, size and even culture, the responsibility of email strategy could fall on an executive or manager in Marketing, Corporate Communications, Digital Strategy or IT. In truth, if it’s the right person, his or her title or department is irrelevant. […]

Socializing Newsletters

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Newsletters may not be as fashionable as mobile or social, but they remain a communications staple for many organizations in print, digital and email. While you can tweak the subject lines and headlines and provide the most relevant content, use responsive design for mobile, and post the newsletter on your blog, inevitably you’re missing a piece of your audience that follows you socially and prefers to get nuggets of insights rather than lengthy discussions. So what to do?  Tweet and post snippets of the most engaging content from the newsletter with a link back to the full newsletter. Create short videos to tweet and post introducing […]

Building Anticipation for Event Marketing Emails

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Using email for event marketing begins with permission: at the very least, you need the green light from your prospects to show up in their inbox. But the results don’t happen unless you have their attention, as well. (If you have children the distinction is familiar. Certainly you have permission to talk to your kids whenever you want, but does that always mean you have their attention?) But email’s peak performance occurs when you move past attention to anticipation. When your prospects are expecting and looking forward to your message, they’re already have way to registration. Ad hoc or ad infinitum? Emails are more likely to be anticipated […]

Now is the Time to Consider Responsive Design

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With more than 50% of U.S. mobile phone users now on Smartphones and more email accessed through mobile (44%) than desktop (33%) or webmail (23%), designing emails from a purely html, 600 pixel-wide format is like driving irresponsibly on cruise control. Without sacrificing traditional email viewing, Responsive Design allows you to optimize your emails for mobile devices by using simplified layouts and media queries within the code to render a mobile-friendly email. Responsive design can also limit what shows up on the mobile device so the most important information is not drowned out. So what to do? Get with your internal html coder or Real Magnet’s Graphics Team to get media queries […]

From Time-Crunched to Data Cruncher: 3 Ways Email Analytics Make You a More Efficient Marketer


One of the most challenging aspects of being an email marketer is not having enough time to do everything you’d like to do. With email as the go-to channel for many company communications, it’s all we can do to compose and deliver messages for all the departments and constituents requiring email. Finding the additional time for analytics often feels like a luxury. The argument has been used before that the time put into analytics is worth it because it improves your email marketing. That’s great, but if you don’t have the time to spare, it doesn’t do you much good, right? […]

The Skinny on Email ROI


Email still has by far the highest ROI of any marketing channel. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email generates about $40 in sales for every $1 spent, over three times the ROI of social and twice that of search. Putting money into growing our permission-based email lists will pay off more quickly than paying to find new fans on Facebook or buying targeted keywords. So what to do? Email budgets typically include expenses for sending mail, but they ought to also include a healthy line item for permission-based list building initiatives. […]

Emails Don’t Succeed; The Companies That Send Them Do

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We place a lot of pressure on our email programs, often expecting exceptionally high contributions towards an event’s or product’s success. There is nothing wrong with that – email can take a lot of heat, and it’s no coincidence that it is the go-to channel for most marketing communications. Over the years, email has proven to be effective, efficient and reliable. But come on – give yourself a little credit here. Your email program, no matter how well-oiled, doesn’t run itself. The success you enjoy from it has more to do with the way you and your company approach it than the unique environment that is the inbox. […]

Building Buzz With Event Nametags


Event marketing email campaigns often feel formulaic, with a predictable balance of messages promoting registration deadlines, speaker line-ups, agenda updates and other standard fare at events. Finding a new way to infuse some interest or even excitement into an event helps the whole campaign command more attention and lifts results. Sometimes you need to create some new ancillary event content to boost event buzz. In this case, we’ll look at a way of turning a piece of event logistics into a conversation cornerstone – the nametag. A few years ago, a Real Magnet client in the social media technology industry hosted a client summit. […]