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Marketing to Mobile

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As the number of people accessing emails on mobile devices continues to increase, learning some of best practices for making your emails better suited for mobile viewing and response will help increase user engagement with your email communications. Watch this video for Real Magnet's tips on marketing to mobile.

Which emails should include a “Call-to-Inaction”?

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This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. Golfer Sam Snead famously quipped, “every shot that doesn’t go into the hole is a miss.” It would be easy to think about email marketing the same way, and try to drive action with every single message we send. But as with golf, it just [...]

Personalization and Dynamic Content

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Making your emails more relevant with personalization and dynamic content blocks is easier than you think. Join Real Magnet’s Avi Adler as he takes an in-depth look at creating highly targeted emails to lists whose recipients have varying data and content requirements.

Three Ways to Test Subject Lines

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This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. You never get a second chance at a first impression, as the saying goes. The subject line of your email is your message's first impression. When it works, it's the start of a beautiful relationship, or at least a click-through. When it doesn't, it chips [...]

Image Deliverability

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In this video snippet taken from one of our Real Magnet User Group sessions, you’ll learn the common image mistakes that can decrease the effectiveness of email messages. You’ll gain insights into simple changes that can help boost response rates.

Social Branding: Giving Customers the Ice Cream They Like

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For any time-strapped, “I’m-responsible-for-all” marketer caught in the daily grind of juggling multiple campaigns, events, copy deadlines, art proofs and urgent emails, social marketing is often a bottom-of-the-list “to-do” item that provides an ongoing guilt trip. It’s even more of a guilt trip if you don’t tweet, haven’t read your Facebook wall posts lately, and [...]