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How to Write Content Your Audience Needs (and Wants)

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In this post we'll explore a simple content strategy framework for mapping content to stages of the Buyer's Journey that will help you consistently develop content that your audience needs as they traverse the various stages of the prospect - customer - service provider relationship.

Infographic: What Does Advertising Whitelisting Mean for Marketers

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Marketers have to ensure their online campaigns appear in places their particular brands are comfortable with, and that are relevant to their target audiences. They're accomplishing this through whitelisting - though the process isn't always simple.

Infographic: What is Services Marketing?

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If you're selling an intangible service instead of a physical product, you are in the business of services marketing. Defining this term and learning what makes it a unique challenge can help you thrive in your industry.

Best Practices for Lead Qualification

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What makes a lead a qualified lead? The answer is (of course), it depends. Every organization will have their own definition – which is a good thing – because every organization is different. The key is to define what a qualified lead means for your organization. Use our lead qualification checklist to identify the ideal sales leads for your organization.

Canadian Anti-Spam Law Update: Are You Compliant in 2017?

Deliverability, On The Blog|

Later this year, a major new provision to CASL comes into effect providing a “private right of action” for recipients who have received mail that violates CASL. Make sure you download our 7 Step Guide to stay in compliance in 2017.

5 Tips to Avoid Personalization Pitfalls

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With the massive volume of email that each of us receives growing at a seemingly exponential rate, marketers are challenged more than ever to try new tactics to catch the reader’s attention and drive engagement. By implementing personalization, marketers can deliver more unique, personal and eye-catching emails that stand out in their recipients' inboxes.

Press Release: Real Magnet Recognized as The Best Software for Marketing Teams | 2017 by G2 Crowd

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Real Magnet has been recognized as a Best Software for Marketers | 2017 by G2 Crowd. G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business solutions review platform, leverages more than 130,000 user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions.

Webinar: Why You Should Be A/B Testing Your Member Communications (Feb 2nd, 2 PM EST)


Not sure which email content, design, subject line or send time will yield the best results? A/B Test it! By A/B Testing variables in your association messaging you will get real insight into the preferences of your members, allowing you to hone and optimize your strategy moving forward.

Press Release: MetLife Stadium Selects Real Magnet for Marketing Automation

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MetLife Stadium, the number one stadium in the world, has selected the Real Magnet marketing automation platform to power its email and social marketing programs.

Infographic: Email Subject Lines Dos and Don’ts

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With the average person receiving almost 100 business emails a day, how do you write a subject line that gets the green light? Follow these dos and don'ts to help you avoid inbox roadblocks!