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Infographic: A Recipe for Visual Content

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Whether you’re preparing your next email marketing campaign or this year’s holiday feast, presentation should never be overlooked. Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? On top of that, visual content is 40% more likely to be shared than text-only content.

Acceptable Bounce Rates and Industry Standards v2


Acceptable Bounce Rates and Industry Standards For email marketers, bounces are an inevitable part of life. Bounces, or rejected emails, can be temporary or permanent and may be caused by a number of factors. Hard bounces indicate a permanent or terminal failure (user not found, bad domain), while soft bounces represent transient or [...]

HFMA Automation Strengthens New Member Recruitment – Case Study

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Automating new member recruitment has been very successful for HFMA, with new members up over 5% in FY16 compared to FY15. HFMA has also performed A/B testing to help optimize their membership renewal.

ESA Personalized Content – Case Study

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The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” This is a lesson that Debi Sutton, Director of Membership and Marketing for the Entomological Society of [...]

Infographic: Filling Facts About Bite-Sized Content

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Recipients today are hungry for information but wary of gorging on it. A lot of the time, they just want a snack, a little bit of interest and excitement to hold them over. This is especially true when individuals are on the go - bite-sized information easily displays on mobile devices.

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Curing My Big Data Headache

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Maybe I didn’t major in math, and maybe I scored higher in writing and critical reading than on the math portion of the SAT. But I did earn an A- in introductory stats, and I like to think I’m half-decent at the analytics side of my job. Somehow, though, I spent an [...]

Does A/B Testing Trump Intuition?

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Like any dutiful marketing manager, I ran the test by setting up and sending two of the same emails, each with a different subject line. But something surprising happened a day later, when I compared the open rates: subject line B (Register early and save big) won by 33 percent. My intuition [...]

5 Tips for Making Your Emails More Mobile-Friendly


A Few Simple Adjustments Can Make a Big Difference The mobile revolution is putting a lot of pressure on marketers to shift how they deliver content to their constituents. As more people connect to the Internet via mobile devices rather than PCs, marketers must adjust their content for mobile in order to stay relevant. While redesigning your entire website for mobile is a significant undertaking, updating your emails for mobile can be achieved by making a few simple adjustments to your approach. Here are 5 tips for creating great mobile-friendly email content: […]

Building your nest: trading in rowspans for nested tables

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We at the design team here at Real Magnet have spent a good deal of time tweaking html code to look just right in as many email clients as possible. By far, the one that gives us the most headaches is Outlook 2007. Just when you think you've got your code just right, there might [...]