Shadow engagement and roboclicks: Are your metrics accurate?


Running an email marketing campaign requires strategists to pay close attention to key metrics and performance indicators, especially when experimenting with a unique approach or a new product line. But when crunching these numbers to uncover useful direction and feedback, marketers may be misled by some of the deceptive forces working underneath the surface, obscuring the truth of their email performance. Bots and the roboclicks they perpetuate can diminish the value of these insights, sending strategists astray.

Measuring Email and Social Success with Google Analytics


Real Magnet’s integration with Google Analytics provides a powerful solution for analyzing email’s role in generating traffic to your website. And if you’re using Social Magnet, Real Magnet’s integrations with Facebook and Twitter, Google Analytics will give you unparalleled insights into the effectiveness of each channel (email, Twitter, Facebook) in accomplishing your marketing goals. Read on for an overview of our integration with Google Analytics and sign up for our special webinar to see it in action. […]

From Time-Crunched to Data Cruncher: 3 Ways Email Analytics Make You a More Efficient Marketer


One of the most challenging aspects of being an email marketer is not having enough time to do everything you’d like to do. With email as the go-to channel for many company communications, it’s all we can do to compose and deliver messages for all the departments and constituents requiring email. Finding the additional time for analytics often feels like a luxury. The argument has been used before that the time put into analytics is worth it because it improves your email marketing. That’s great, but if you don’t have the time to spare, it doesn’t do you much good, right? […]

5 Emails Where Metrics Mislead

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Email metrics are critical to our understanding of how well our messages perform. Except when they're not. Sometimes metrics do not tell you the whole story, and they even tell a misleading story on occasion. One of the most common misrepresentations we see in email metrics is where a relatively small number of clicks is [...]

A New Way to Look at Engagement Metrics: By Subscriber Instead of Campaign

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When most marketers hear the term "engagement metrics" they think of open rate, click rate and conversions - the analytics we use to track a how well a message performed. Analyzing our messages in this way is useful because it allows us to compare this week's to last week's, isolate why changes in responses occur, [...]

Benchmarking Data: What to Use, What to Ignore

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As email marketers, we naturally pay a lot of attention to data. It isn't just our own data that is of interest, of course. Just as our own campaign analytics help us shape subsequent email messages, turning to benchmarking data can help us identify initiatives we ought to be considering for our email program. And [...]

Email’s Ultimate Metric


I often hear marketers ask what email metric they should pay the most attention to, or which one best represents the condition of their email program. That's easy. The answer of course is your Delivery Rate, or the percentage of your messages that are getting the greenlight from ISPs and email administrators. Nobody reads what [...]

8-Minute Analytics

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Email analytics should not be on the bubble for email marketers, first to bounce off the to-do list when the workload increases. Email is valued for its ROI, but without spending some time in analytics ongoing improvement of your email program (or merely keeping step with landscape changes) comes down to luck. The good news [...]

How To Improve Open Rates Without A/B Testing

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There are two kinds of people in this world - those who A/B test their emails, and those who don't. The reasons why we don't always A/B test are very defensible; it requires extra time from already thin resources, the focus is on getting the some of the email out and not necessarily read, and [...]

Emailioration Monday, 6-25-12: Create (and Distribute) a Monthly Email Report

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A monthly overview report of your email activity and metrics won't make your next message perform any better, but it does improve your program in a few other ways: 1. Compiling a reports are the best way to remind yourself to watch trends. Your open or click rate on your last newsletter is meaningless without [...]