Using Google Goals for Conversion Tracking

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Very soon we will be launching Conversion Tracking with Google Goals, which allows you to integrate the Goals you set within Google Analytics into your Real Magnet application. This allows you to see which messages - across email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - are responsible for any of the conversions you track, and even roll [...]

3 Ways to Tell if Your Email Copy Works

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In order for your email program to be effective, it needs to fire on all cylinders: deliverability, targeting, relevance and creative. If any of those don't work well, your email's results will also sputter. For example, the most cleverly crafted offer can only persuade the owners of the inboxes it reaches. Similarly, there is little [...]

3 Ways to Make Email a Means and an End


I've said before that the hardest thing about marketing is that you're never finished. Your brand will always benefit from one more blog post, a new strategic partnership, a little extra thought on the copy in that collateral piece, a couple new search keywords to test, one more tweet of 140 cleverly crafted characters. It [...]

Conversion Reporting: Channel Attribution’s Last Mile

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Social Magnet's principal value proposition is its ability to show marketers how much each channel - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email - contributes to a campaigns results. It does this through a proprietary URL shortener that measures clicks and other engagement metrics at the message level. You send out a message through all of your [...]

What Does Open Rate Really Tell You?


A marketer who writes and manages his company’s email newsletter asked me today, “What does it mean if our current customers are reading our newsletter? Does it mean that they are satisfied with our products and maybe interested in purchasing again?” What I told him is that a good newsletter drives engagement. If your current [...]

4 Ways to Improve Newsletter Open Rates

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Newsletters may not be fashionable as mobile or social, but they remain a communications staple, particularly as we all ramp up to speed on new channels and the tighter targeting opportunities they afford. In fact, I think newsletters are poised for a bit of a renaissance this year, so I continue to think about ways [...]

Your Personal Best Email Metrics


Almost always when I talk about email metrics, I recommend analyzing them as part of a trend. Looking at a message's open and click and unsubscribe rate by itself does not provide enough context about the health of your program. Sure you'll know that a 4% click through rate on those 10,000 addresses means about [...]

3 Steps to a Proactive Email Program in 2011


It's a new year, and with it come the inevitable pressures of resolutions. Many resolutions are unsuccessful because they require a fundamental change in behavior: "Exercise more," or "Find more time to spend with friends," or "Be nicer to my in-laws." As an email marketer, you already know that the quickest route to success is [...]

Email Metrics Along the Customer Life-cycle


What is the purpose of email marketing? To create awareness? Build interest? Generate purchase intent and drive transactions? Engender loyalty? Yes. No matter what stage in the customer lifecycle you are focused on, email marketing can help. What's more, there are email metrics you can examine to measure how effective your messaging is at achieving [...]

If Nobody Clicks, does Nobody Care?


Much of email marketing is organized around the click rate. We know that if our subscribers click on our emails, then the emails are doing their job of driving activity, registrations, readership and engagement. But what if nobody clicks on our emails? Does that mean that the emails have failed? Not necessarily. Just because we [...]