The Day After: 24-hour Post-Email Analytics

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The upside to email marketing is that the performance data and analytics are so abundant that it's possible to measure almost any aspect of your messages and campaigns. But the challenge inherent to that upside is that with so much available data, it's often difficult to know where - or when - to start. So [...]

5 Reports to Measure Engagement

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There is lots to like about the new Real Magnet interface. The graphical Dashboard and in particular the robust Reports module are rich enough with data to make a quant jock out of any of us. Over the coming months I'll look at a number of different applications of some of the new Reports. The [...]

Taking Email Lessons from a Hockey Coach


Sports metaphors work for me. It's winter and the Olympics are running so let's use ice hockey. If you're an ice hockey coach, your objective is to get the puck in your opponent's net and keep it out of yours. In email terms, that's roughly equivalent to driving transactions from click-throughs while avoiding unsubscribes and [...]