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An Association Marketer’s Guide to Creating Personas

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The term “persona” may sound like highfalutin jargon, but really it is just the latest term for what always has been Marketing 101: Know your audience, and deliver what is interesting and relevant to it.

What’s the Score? 4 Things to Know About Member Scoring

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Whatever type of organization you work for, engagement scoring is an effective way to identify your most likely candidates for membership or sales. For associations, member scoring has become all the rage as they seek to target their most valuable members and identify those who are least engaged and vulnerable to non-renewal.

5 Ways to Put Your Email to the Test

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While there may not be a single all-encompassing answer to why a member opens one email but not another, association communicators can improve conversions with some proven A/B testing strategies.

5 Ways to Improve Registrations for Your Webinars

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People will be far more likely to register for your webinar if the topic is current. Educational topics or webinars that provide continuing education credits will garner higher registration and attendance.

One Weird Trick to Increase Member Renewals

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A series of bland renewal notices don’t show your members the value of continuing their membership. Connect the dots by customizing your renewal emails to each member.

Four Reasons Your Association Needs Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation used to be complex and cumbersome, but Real Magnet's Marketing Automation campaign templates and tools have changed all that.