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Upgrading from Email to Marketing Automation: How to Get Internal Buy-in

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Upgrading from email services to marketing automation can be a nuanced sell; a carefully thought out and articulated plan, complete with benefits and potential pitfalls, can go a long way towards convincing decision makers to buy into your vision.

Webinars: A Sales and Marketing Must Have (PDF Download)

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Just as conversations, messages and face-to-face meetings have become digitized over the course of the 21st century, so have a number of other formats. Webinars are a great example of this extended digital influence, encompassing many distinct modes of interaction in one succinct event with a defined purpose.

The Power of a Marketing Management System

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That's why today's department leaders need to deploy a dedicated marketing management system and move away from the uncoordinated flurry of apps that define so many operations. Here are a few of the key advantages that such a system brings to the table.

4 Ways to Overcome Biggest Data Challenges

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Data has revolutionized all things marketing over the past decade, from how marketers attract prospects and manage customer relationships to how they measure success and work more efficiently. No longer are marketers simply message-pushers with big television advertising budgets. Instead, modern marketers wear many hats, from strategist and analyst to technologist, researcher, writer, editor, designer and project manager. Data ties nearly every aspect of this fast-evolving role together.

Have You Forgotten These Marketing Best Practices?

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Schedule with precision - Great marketing campaigns stick to a tight schedule, especially those that succeed in the highly competitive holiday season. These schedules are by no means arbitrary, either. They are designed based on data that tells marketers the best times to send emails and the types of messages that work best at certain moments. In other words, there's a science to email timing.

Double Check Your Email Marketing To-Do List

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However, some companies have forgotten to check off the basics on their email marketing to-do lists, as social media and alternative advertising techniques become more common tools in the arsenal. To help these marketers get back on track with effective, profitable email marketing strategies, here is a look at a few aspects of this approach that simply cannot be forgotten.

Marketers Must Focus on Customer Experience

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Business analysts continue to cite customer experience as the next competitive battleground of the modern enterprise, changing the way companies approach all consumer-facing operations. From sales to customer service, a focus on experience is all-encompassing, and this means that marketing is also included in the mix. Still, marketers are striving to figure out what makes for an exceptional experience, especially when targeting prospective customers and building loyalty.

Take Advantage of Big Data for Marketing

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As marketing strategies develop alongside rapid digital advancement, the sheer volume and variety of data at the disposal of the average brand has increased dramatically.Not only is the typical consumer producing a staggering amount of information through numerous channels and devices, but marketers also track countless new data points and metrics in order to better assess and target audiences.

Develop Your Holiday Marketing Strategy Now

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October is here, and before long, the holiday season will be in full swing. Last year, according to Business2Community contributor John Hayes, consumers spent over $53 billion between Halloween and Valentine's Day - bookmarks of the holiday marketing period.

5 Digital Marketing Essentials for Startups

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For small startups with big potential, marketing is often viewed as a requisite hurdle that must be overcome. After all, no matter how compelling or useful a new product or service may be, entrepreneurs must work tirelessly to ensure they get the message of their brand out to the public. But intelligent business leaders will see opportunity in this challenge, and as an article from Forbes contributor Martin Zwilling pointed out, "digital marketing is a great equalizer for startups."