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Does Your Organization Utilize These Email Marketing Essentials?

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Email has long held its position as a staple of the modern marketing mix, withstanding the test of time as a wider range of channels emerge from the digital revolution. However, the methods of email content development and distribution have evolved dramatically, with recipient expectations rising along with increased competition in the average consumer inbox. It is now necessary for campaign strategists to revamp their approaches to this longstanding format and adjust their efforts to meet a higher standard of personalization and value.

Why Personalization Is Crucial For Marketing Success

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For years, marketing strategists have watched as digital, consumer-centric campaign strategies won out over more traditional forms of outreach and communication. Now, the transformation is nearly complete, as leading brands develop and leverage power marketing tactics that capitalize on first-party consumer data.

Boost Email Inbox Engagement With These Tactics

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As the war for the email inbox rages on, marketers are growing more determined to outwit their competitors and optimize their initiatives for opens, clicks and conversions. This means that strategists are employing cutting-edge technologies and tactics with regularity and boldness, and those that stagnate in their efforts to innovate will likely fall out of the running.

Infographic: Shift Into The Marketing Fast Lane

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By now, you’ve fine-tuned the details of email marketing campaigns, from timing to templates. You may have been comfortable cruising along with your usual email campaigns, but it’s time to shift gears because a new fast lane has just opened up - mobile email.

Simplifying Marketing Automation with Campaign Templates

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Launch automated marketing campaigns with ease and fill your funnels faster with Campaign Templates. Campaign templates, with campaign logic baked right in, step you through the entire process of creating an automated marketing campaign. Simply choose a template for your industry, and then select from scores of possible campaigns—the kinds you and your [...]

The Importance of Testing and Analyzing Send Times

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As email marketers, we always have to be mindful of the schedules and preferences of our audiences. A minor adjustment in the time a message is sent could mean the difference between it being opened and read or buried beneath critical work communications. In his column on the SIIA Blog Ronn Levine researched exactly that [...]

5 Subject Lines That Defy the Delete Button

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The biggest threat to your email program today is not your competitors’ email programs, evolving deliverability determinants, or even social media. No, the one thing that drags your email program down more than any other obstacle is the ‘Delete’ button. Smaller than a quarter, yet more powerful than the largest opt-in list on the planet, the ‘Delete’ button shuts down your message before it even gets started, squandering all the work you put into copywriting, design, multi-platform optimization, segmenting and targeting. Defying the Delete button begins with exceptional subject lines. Here are 5 ways to write subject lines that help your messages make a strong first impression so that they give themselves the chance to continue the conversation: […]

Real Magnet April Webinars Reminder!

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This is a reminder for all our valued customers that TOMORROW, Thursday April 24, and next Tuesday April 29, Real Magnet will be hosting webinars to discuss two of the big, hot-button topics in email marketing today: the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Responsive Web Design… CASL goes into effect this summer! With the July 1 start date looming, it is time for any business or organization that sends promotional messages to get up to speed with CASL guidelines. With over 50% of emails being opened on mobile devices, it is absolutely critical for organizations to adjust their email content to optimize usability and viewability for mobile. […]

Saving Time by Automating Your List Uploads

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Some of our customers are spending more time than necessary uploading lists into their Real Magnet account.  If you’re one of them, then you should learn about a simple, easy-to-implement process we’ve developed that automates the list transfer process and saves you and your organization a significant amount of time! We call it Simple Data Transfer (Simple DT), which lets you set up an automated process for updating and adding contacts to your groups in Real Magnet.   This is particularly helpful to organizations that send recurring daily or weekly emails to lists that need to be continuously updated.  With Simple DT you can update all of your lists automatically in one fell swoop! […]

Appointing a Chief Email Strategy Officer

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We spend a lot of time talking about email strategy, or balancing the needs of today’s email program with its needs next quarter, next year and in five years. We all understand the need for email strategy because we all want to make sure our email program is as strong in the future as it is today – or stronger. But the question invariably comes up, “So whose job is email strategy anyway?” The answer is an aggravating “it depends.” Depending on a company’s email program, organizational structure, size and even culture, the responsibility of email strategy could fall on an executive or manager in Marketing, Corporate Communications, Digital Strategy or IT. In truth, if it’s the right person, his or her title or department is irrelevant. […]