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Google’s SEO Primer Leads Into SIPA Conference Workshop

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This content is republished from SIPA.  You can visit their site at By Ronn Levine The SIPA 2013 Conference, June 5-7, in Washington, D.C., will have two Pre-Conference Workshops this year, a Data Bootcamp led by Megan St. John of InfoCommerce, and SEO Basics & Beyond: Keyword Research & Campaign Management, led by Don Nicholas and Norann Oleson of Mequoda. (Early-bird [...]

It’s Always a Good Time to Review Your Unsubscribe Process

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This post is republished from the Real Insights Archive. It sounds simple enough: when recipients click an unsubscribe link, they should be removed from your list. Heck, any email system worth its mettle can do that automatically. The reality is — unfortunately — that it's not nearly that simple. Should an unsubscriber be removed from [...]

The Expiration Date of Some Email Best Practices

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Best practices are like brands; they relieve us of the burden of decision-making. If we had to deliberate every single choice in between sitting down at a blank screen and hitting the "SEND" button to launch a campaign, well let's just say that inbox clutter would no longer be a problem. Best practices - proven [...]

Targeting Your Event Marketing Emails

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Think about two things: your favorite hobby, and a new car. Now imagine you're watching TV and a car commercial appears. If your hobby of choice is fly fishing, and the people on TV are unloading their rods and reels from the back of the shiny new car, the ad has your attention. Maybe you [...]

Achieving Your Optimal Email Frequency

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For my column in MediaPost this week, I drew inspiration from a webinar I co-presented last week on Email List Building. The marketer co-presenting revealed that for some of her company's subscriptions they were sending as much as 3 emails per day. Volume like that flies in the face of conventional best practices, but throughout [...]

VIDEO: The Importance of Understanding Bounces

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TMA Resources invited Real Magnet to speak on Email Best Practices for its new video series. Here are some tips on using social media to improve your existing email program:

Emailioration Monday, 7-9-12: Try Something You Don’t Expect to Work

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Best Practices, or doing what you and others in the email business have learned over the years works well, are the safest way to manage your email program. We used to say in the IT Industry, "Nobody got fired for buying IBM." Similarly in email, nobody is going to have some explaining to do in [...]

VIDEO: Using Social Media to Improve Your Existing Email Program

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TMA Resources invited Real Magnet to speak on Email Best Practices for its new video series. Here are some tips on using social media to improve your existing email program:

Don’t Hide the Unsubscribe!

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The unsubscribe link is a crucial tool in the email marketer’s toolbox.  Email marketers already know that an unsubscribe link is a legal requirement, as well as a necessary tool for allowing subscribers to remove themselves from your list. But did you know also that having a visible and working unsubscribe link can also help [...]

A Guide to Enabling Images for Different Email Clients

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When you begin creating your email content, it is very important that you design with images turned off. Many email clients will disable images and links until the subscriber downloads or "enables" these features. The subscriber can enable these features either by email, sender, or for all emails. I have put together a list of [...]