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Monitor Your Email Marketing Replies

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One of my biggest pet peeves is receiving an email from a major brand and seeing that they use a noreply@ email address. Seriously?! It is 2012 and some email marketers still use a noreply@ email address. The goal is to get your subscribers engaged about your brand and to have a conversation. Your subscribers [...]

Email Deliverability New Year’s Resolutions

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While many of us are making personal New Year’s Resolutions such as losing weight (myself included), finding a new job, or going back to school, email marketers should also be making a New Year’s Resolution concerning deliverability.  A new year means a new look on your email marketing program.  So, for your first email marketing [...]

Taking Action on Inactive Subscribers

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I don't normally talk about industry averages because they rarely apply to any individual company within an industry, but for illustrative purposes here I'll make an exception. The number most commonly offered up as an industry average open rate is 20%, and industry average click-through rates are typically reported between 2% and 4%. Your results [...]

Great Email Ideas (until everybody starts using them)

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I was sick of Cyber Monday a week before it started. That's when the emails started to hit, pre-announcing Cyber Monday deals, and offering early access to Cyber Monday Savings. The volume and urgency picked up through Thanksgiving weekend, building to a deafening crescendo in my inbox on Monday itself. Even today the decrescendo continues, [...]

Email’s Forgotten Fundamentals

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Next month I'll be speaking at the Specialty Information Publishers Association (SIPA) 28th Annual Marketing Conference in Miami, leading one a Certification Session on email marketing. For the session I've been asked to focus on some of the fundamentals of email marketing, in case email veterans forgot them along the way or are just now coming [...]

The Differences Between List Size and Audience Size

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I've written previously here on how and why to increase your number of subscribers. This week's article for MediaPost is a different take on the topic - how your list size differs from your audience size. If someone is part of your list, you have their email address; but if someone is part of your [...]

Top Email Hacks, Cheats and Shortcuts (and why they don’t work)

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One of the most appealing aspects about email marketing is the ready accessibility of metrics and analytics. Every day we can see exactly how our program is doing, and how well each message is performing. But performance insight is a double-edged sword. While it reassures us that we're on the right track, it reminds us [...]

Why and How to Ignore Email Marketing Advice

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I spend a lot of time reading the email marketing columns in MediaPost and other publications, in part to keep up with current trends, but also for inspiration for my own articles. Over the past couple of weeks, I've tried to look at much of the email advice in the trades from the perspective of [...]

Skeptics, Scourges And Scallywags: Marginalizing Your Email Program’s Internal Challenges

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This month for my article in MediaPost's Email Insider I write about some all new challenges facing email marketers. Actually they're not exactly new but they don't get the airplay that deliverability and engagement metrics do. Instead, I focus on some of the internal challenges that could hamper your email program - internal perception, budget [...]

Catching Up With Mobile

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With some careful planning and design choices, senders can ensure that their messages can keep up with their recipients, where ever they may go.