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Which Emails Should Include a “Call-to-Inaction”?

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Golfer Sam Snead famously quipped, “every shot that doesn’t go into the hole is a miss.” It would be easy to think about email marketing the same way, and try to drive action with every single message we send. But like in golf, it just is not possible to seal the deal with each try. [...]

What Should You Hyperlink?

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Much of the objective of your emails is to encourage people to click. But your subscribers don't actually click on your emails - they click on individual links within your emails. Figuring out what, how long and where those links should be can have a huge impact on the number of clicks you receive, and [...]

To Improve Email’s Effectiveness, Lower Its ROI

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This month on MediaPost I wrote about email ROI. But instead of talking about how to increase it, I wrote instead about why to decrease it. No, I'm not playing devil's advocate, nor have I gone stark raving mad. My point is simple: if it costs more to reach inboxes, they'd be a lot less [...]

7 Ways to Increase Readership of your Newsletters

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The Newsletter remains a cornerstone of many organizations' email marketing. Deservedly so - a newsletter is flexible enough to communicate anything important, and structured enough to be easy to write. It also carries an official connotation from the organization: subscribers who see "newsletter" anticipate that its contents are somewhere in the continuum between relevant and [...]

How (and Why) to Write your own Email Case Study

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As an email marketer, I'm fond of case studies. I attend conferences to hear them, scour the trades to read them, and pick the brains of other email marketers to surreptitiously discover them. I feel pretty strongly that one of the best ways to get smart about email marketing and about how to use Real [...]

Tools for Mobile Email – Coming in September!

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"Already 64% of key decision makers use their smartphones to check and read their email.” -- MarketingSherpa As the market for mobile devices powers forward, more recipients are viewing your messages on smartphones, iPads, and other gadgets. In September, Real Magnet will release a tool set to help you market more effectively to this expanding [...]

The Day After: 24-hour Post-Email Analytics

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The upside to email marketing is that the performance data and analytics are so abundant that it's possible to measure almost any aspect of your messages and campaigns. But the challenge inherent to that upside is that with so much available data, it's often difficult to know where - or when - to start. So [...]

From ‘You’ve Got Mail’ To ‘Inbox Zero’

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Merlin Mann is the quirkily charismatic force behind, a popular blog about unlocking creativity and productivity. One of the concepts he floated a few years back is called "Inbox Zero" and is about developing a process to manage email as soon as it comes in, so that the weight of your inbox is no [...]

All of the Above: 5 New Uses for Online Surveys

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I note with some irony that I have never come across an online survey about the popularity of online surveys. But anecdotally I can certainly confirm that they're past the gaining traction stage and have become an essential business tool for many companies. And why not? They are very easy to administer, provide instantaneous feedback, [...]

10 Email Evolutions, and how to Respond to Them (Part 2 of 2)

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Previously I wrote on the first 5 Email Evolutions (and how to respond to them). Below are #6 - #10. 6. Subscribers are using inbox filters. Almost every major ISP (Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail) and client-side email applications (Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora) offers inbox filtering, and there are no shortage of tutorials and tips on [...]