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10 Email Evolutions, and how to Respond to Them (Part 1 of 2)

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I began my career in email marketing in 1997. Email was novel and exciting, and consumers were genuinely interested to receive most messages. Many were even disappointed to open their inboxes and find them empty. If you weren't lucky enough to ply your email trade back then, imagine what it would have been like for [...]

Three Ways to Optimize Email (that aren’t actually about email)

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I've written before about email optimization. In fact, that's almost all I write about here - ways to pump up your results through better subject lines, more targeted content strategies, list management, A/B testing and other tactics. Many of the features and reports you need to improve your email results are already built into the [...]

Legislative Update: Is the FTC Finished with E-mail?

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I sat in on an FTC legislative update webinar presented by The E-mail Experience Council Wednesday afternoon, and thought it might be useful to run down some of the high points for the Real Magnet blog. Lois Greisman of the FTC started the webinar by asserting that CAN SPAM "leveled the playing field" by providing [...]

5 Reports to Measure Engagement

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There is lots to like about the new Real Magnet interface. The graphical Dashboard and in particular the robust Reports module are rich enough with data to make a quant jock out of any of us. Over the coming months I'll look at a number of different applications of some of the new Reports. The [...]

To Boost Engagement, Make Sure Your Email is HIP

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Believe it or not, this 1944 Disney cartoon where Goofy demonstrates how to play golf is actually about email: There's a lot to remember when you're writing and sending email messages. Thinking about this column and how to help email marketers create a mental checklist for each message made me think of golf lessons I [...]

When Less is More: Shorter Messages may go Far in 2010

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Just as discretion is the greater part of valor, editing is the greater part of copywriting, particularly for email. The long vs. short copy debate has waged for years, predating email by decades. I’ve defended both camps at different points in my career, and for different applications. Traditionally, the answer to the question of what [...]

How to be great at email, when your job is a lot more than email

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If you're reading this, you're probably an email marketer. But is that your title, or just one of your many responsibilities? For many of Real Magnet's clients, it's the latter. Email falls into your purview, but so does marketing collateral development, or PR, or interactive marketing management, or editorial, or member services, or event marketing. [...]

Email in the Marketing Mix

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Mitch Eisen and I gave a webinar on SWYN (Share With Your Network) recently and a question came up afterwards about  how to integrate email with social channels. I responded by talking about “Email in the Marketing Mix.” A few days before the webinar I was having a conversation with a client about event marketing, [...]

It’s Holiday Season. What if your Emails Don’t Care?

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This month's MediaPost column is called "It's Holiday Season. What if your Emails Don't Care?" You can read the article below or on the MediaPost site. I follow the comments in both places so if you want to chime in, feel free. It seems like most of the articles on best practices and case studies [...]

Free Email Check Up Webinar

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It's that time again. Time to review how your email marketing performed this year...and figure out how to do it better next year. Get a jump start on your year-end email review by attending our next webinar - Your 2009/2010 Email Check Up. Real Magnet’s Director of Training Catherine Curtin will take you through some MagnetMail features and [...]