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Join Us for MagnetMail 101

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The first installment of Real Magnet's three part MagnetMail 101 series kicks off tomorrow, October 13, with MagnetMail 101: Creating Messages. MagnetMail users know that the Messages tab is where you spend most of your time in MagnetMail. This webinar goes through the process of creating messages in MagnetMail, focusing on using the WYSIWYG HTML [...]

Email Creative and SWYN with Facebook

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Today we launched our Share With Your Network (SWYN) tool for MagnetMail. We eat our own dog food here, so the newsletter that went out today to Real Magnet subscribers was sent in a new SWYN template, allowing recipients to easily share the message with their friends on Facebook, their followers on Twitter, their contacts [...]

EMail: The Swiss Army Knife in Your Marketing Toolbox

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A recent MediaPost’s Email Insider column compared email to a Swiss Army Knife – an apt comparison, we think. Email is a do-everything, go-to marketing tool. Just think of all it does for you: Branding. Every email you send furthers your brand image with its logo, tone, colors. Sales. Sell memberships, webinars, books, hotel rooms [...]

Whitelisting: Your Best Defense

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Sports buffs know the saying: The best offense is a good defense. The same can be applied to email marketing. The best way to get your messages delivered to the Inbox is to defend against getting caught in a Spam filter. As Web-based email providers offer their users new ways to sort and filter their [...]

In Case You Missed It: Jeanne Jennings on Growing Your Email List

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Growing your email distribution list is sometimes the most difficult part of email marketing. Noted email expert Jeanne Jennings presented Simple, Inexpensive Ways to Grow Your Email List, sharing a few easy-to-implement ways to overcome that hurdle. Jeanne outlined a number of straightforward and CAN-SPAM compliant ways to build your email list, including: Building benefits-oriented registration [...]

Make Your Registration Page Work for You

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One way to generate interest in your product, publication, or association is to drive prospects to your website. Common ways to engage them in your offering is to provide a demo, an e-newsletter, or an event that will allow you to capture an email address for future follow up. But why aren’t more people providing [...]