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Email and Social ROI: Improved Results and More of Them with Conversion Tracking

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Over the last few days I have seen a number of articles cross the transom on the topic of conversions as a measure of ROI. Fast Company, for example, last week published one called "3 Steps to Measuring Your Company's Social Media ROI" where the author cited Sales Conversions, Value of Increased Traffic and Depth [...]

Using Google Goals for Conversion Tracking

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Very soon we will be launching Conversion Tracking with Google Goals, which allows you to integrate the Goals you set within Google Analytics into your Real Magnet application. This allows you to see which messages - across email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - are responsible for any of the conversions you track, and even roll [...]

Signal-to-Noise Ratio, And The Rise Of Channel-Specific Content

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For my article in MediaPost this week I picked up on a theme I spoke about at last week's SIPA conference - Signal-to-Noise ratio. We know that all our communications channels rely on strong content, so it's no wonder that when we create one we like to push it out through all of them. This [...]

Conversion Reporting: Channel Attribution’s Last Mile

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Social Magnet's principal value proposition is its ability to show marketers how much each channel - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email - contributes to a campaigns results. It does this through a proprietary URL shortener that measures clicks and other engagement metrics at the message level. You send out a message through all of your [...]

Evaluating Email Through Return on Resources (ROR)

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I spend half of my time thinking about email, and the other half thinking about social media. I probably spend a quarter of the time thinking about mobile as well, 30% on blogging, 20% on webinars and a good tenth of the time on other types of content marketing. Butmost of the time I'm focused [...]

Measuring Email’s Shifting ROI: From Performance Metrics to Quantitative Return

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MarketingSherpa released an interesting piece of research this week from its Email Marketing Benchmark Report. According to a survey of 2,735 CMOs across a range of industries, the leading factor in helping to identify and communicate the value of an email program is its quantitative financial ROI (65%). The second most popular response was post-click [...]

3 New Ways to Look at Channel Attribution with Social Magnet – Part 3: Clicks Per Person

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I've written about some new ways to measure channel attribution with Social Magnet a couple times previously, covering Monthly Reach and Monthly Productivity. This time, instead of measuring what you can attribute to each channel, I'm going to look at how to use Social Magnet to measure the relative direct response value of audience members [...]

3 New Ways to Look at Channel Attribution with Social Magnet – Part 2: Monthly Productivity

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Channel attribution - or determining which marketing channel is responsible for results - is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool for marketers. Gone are the days where we could spend whatever we wanted on our channels of choice; today's marketer has to select channels carefully, and justify their inclusion in the budget with demonstrable ROI and [...]

3 New Ways to Look at Channel Attribution with Social Magnet – Part 1: Monthly Reach

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The most powerful feature in the tracking and reporting features of Social Magnet is the ability to measure channel attribution in all new ways. At the very top level, you can send a message out through email, Twitter and Facebook simultaneously, and then see which channel drives the most clicks. Over time, you'll learn which [...]