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Building Anticipation for Event Marketing Emails

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Using email for event marketing begins with permission: at the very least, you need the green light from your prospects to show up in their inbox. But the results don’t happen unless you have their attention, as well. (If you have children the distinction is familiar. Certainly you have permission to talk to your kids whenever you want, but does that always mean you have their attention?) But email’s peak performance occurs when you move past attention to anticipation. When your prospects are expecting and looking forward to your message, they’re already have way to registration. Ad hoc or ad infinitum? Emails are more likely to be anticipated […]

Building Event Brand Equity with Event Marketing Emails

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This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. You already know your organization's events really well. If you're responsible for the email marketing designed to fill the room, you're probably more familiar with the venue, speaker line-up, agenda, room rates, registration deadlines and dietary restriction options than anyone else at your organization. These [...]

5 Ways to Segment Conference Marketing Emails

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For many businesses and especially associations, conferences and events comprise a significant chunk of the annual budget. So marketing these conferences and events is mission-critical. Here is where you put all your email skills to work, where the extra time and resources invested translate directly and immediately into not just the revenue your association needs, [...]