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How to Write Content Your Audience Needs (and Wants)

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In this post we'll explore a simple content strategy framework for mapping content to stages of the Buyer's Journey that will help you consistently develop content that your audience needs as they traverse the various stages of the prospect - customer - service provider relationship.

Content Is King: Why You Need A Content Marketing Strategy

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This is the essence of content marketing, perhaps the most popular inbound tactic adopted thus far. As an infographic from Demand Metric recently pointed out, 90 percent of organizations use some form of content to market their products and services. However, far fewer companies take a strategic and measured approach to this style of marketing,

3 Ways To Squeeze More Value from an Email Marketing Campaign

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Marketers focus heavily on the development and execution of email newsletter campaigns, and for good reason. Customers still regularly open emails from their favorite brands, and many of these messages lead to further on-site engagement and even purchases. But even with impressive returns on these investments, marketing teams are always looking for new ways to yield value from their email efforts. After all, these types of campaigns remain a central facet of digital marketing strategy for many brands.

Leverage Social Media Insights to Fuel Marketing Efforts

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Gathering consumer insights is becoming ever more important to the success of marketing efforts, but luckily, there is an abundant source of information available right at the fingertips of today's strategists. Social media platforms represent a gold mine for useful customer data, and if a marketing team can adopt best practices for gathering and leveraging this information, they can put their brands at a significant competitive advantage. Here's a look at how to utilize the power of social media the right way and fuel a winning digital marketing plan.

From Tacky to Top-Shelf: How GIFs Became the Most Engaging Image Choice

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While GIFs have been around for nearly two decades, they have recently made their way to the top of the social media arena as a fun and compelling way to share sentiments. Now, their value has expanded even further, with digital marketing strategists recognizing their potential in the context of online campaigns and email newsletters. It's important for decision-makers in these positions to understand the power of the well-placed GIF, recognize the best context for these animations, and figure out how to capitalize on their potential and popularity.

Is 2015 The Year Of Hyper Relevant Marketing Technology?

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Suresh Vittal of Adobe has written an insightful article on a key marketing trend to look for in 2015:  the use of tools and tactics for “hyper-targeting”.  Are you using Real Magnet’s Dynamic Content feature?  Or its new Marketing Automation module?  Vittal’s article underscores the power and importance of these features in an age of [...]

3 Ways to Embrace the Rise Of Channel-Specific Content

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“We have to let everyone know about this.” That phrase is common in marketing departments of all sizes, across all verticals, around the world. What “this” is could be a limited-time promotion, the opening of a conference’s registration, the receipt of a prestigious award — you name it. Whatever your brand, there is frequently something pertaining to it that is important enough to share with as many people as possible. […]

The Changing Nature of Content

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There is no denying that within the last decade there has been a massive shift in how we consume media content. As a result, the characteristics of that media are changing drastically as well. Admit it, the first thing you did when you opened this page was scroll down to see how long it was. You’ve probably checked your Email and Facebook page a couple times since then, too. Personally, I can barely get through a chapter in a book these days without fidgeting or reaching for my phone. […]

Personalization and Dynamic Content

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Making your emails more relevant with personalization and dynamic content blocks is easier than you think. Join Real Magnet’s Avi Adler as he takes an in-depth look at creating highly targeted emails to lists whose recipients have varying data and content requirements.

What Should You Hyperlink?

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This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. Much of the objective of your emails is to encourage people to click. But your subscribers don't actually click on your emails - they click on individual links within your emails. Figuring out what, how long and where those links should be can have a [...]