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Emailioration Monday, 6-4-12: Use Narrower Content for Deeper Engagement

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Many emails are written to try and include something for everyone, with content aimed at multiple roles, functional responsibilities, levels of seniority or interests. I understand the logic: if subscription is open to everyone, we had better include something for every person who subscribed, so they don't find zero value aimed at them and then [...]

Signal-to-Noise Ratio, And The Rise Of Channel-Specific Content

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For my article in MediaPost this week I picked up on a theme I spoke about at last week's SIPA conference - Signal-to-Noise ratio. We know that all our communications channels rely on strong content, so it's no wonder that when we create one we like to push it out through all of them. This [...]

Emailioration Monday, 5-7-12: Reserve Unique Content for Emails

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One of email's primary functions is to call attention to drive people to some product or piece of content on your website - a webinar registration, blog article or new product information. Email works well in this capacity - to serve the interests of your other media. It merchandises your content well and can drive [...]

Using Social Magnet’s Category Performance Metrics to Tailor Tweets

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You know what the hardest thing is about marketing? You're never done. Every single day there is always something else you could do to create some awareness of your brand, enhance your positioning, develop a new channel, or drive some deeper engagement. If you've ever heard your CEO say, "You know what - we've sold [...]

A Guide to Enabling Images for Different Email Clients

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When you begin creating your email content, it is very important that you design with images turned off. Many email clients will disable images and links until the subscriber downloads or "enables" these features. The subscriber can enable these features either by email, sender, or for all emails. I have put together a list of [...]

A Tale of Two Subject Lines

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Dickens may very well have looked at the results of his A/B testing and declared, "It was the best of subject lines; it was the worst of subject lines." Trying out different subject lines is a quick and powerful way to boost campaign performance by a few percentage points. But there is another consideration for [...]

Attention, not Permission, Makes Email a Strategic Communications Asset

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First, I want to thank our friends at SIPA for inviting me to speak at their annual marketing conference in Miami Beach last week. The room was packed and everything was well-organized and executed. Chapeau, SIPA. I was asked to speak on fundamentals, which for me means strategy. I presented "9 Fundamentals of a Strategic [...]

7 Things You can do to Boost Your Email Results This Week

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I’m giving a presentation at the SIPA Marketing Conference this week entitled “9 Fundamentals for a More Strategic Email Program.” Its function is to encourage email marketers to take a thoughtful look at their email program, and to find ways of balancing the near-term needs the email fulfills with the long-term health of the email [...]

How to Grow Your Audience(s) with Content Marketing

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I've written previously how email and social have staked their claim in marketing resource allocation because of their ROI. The channels are alike in that they are both permission-based, requiring marketers to earn their audiences and the attention they lend. Email and social are alike in another important way - they are both forms of [...]