Data Points and Benchmarks

What’s the Score? 4 Things to Know About Member Scoring

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Whatever type of organization you work for, engagement scoring is an effective way to identify your most likely candidates for membership or sales. For associations, member scoring has become all the rage as they seek to target their most valuable members and identify those who are least engaged and vulnerable to non-renewal.

5 Ways to Put Your Email to the Test

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While there may not be a single all-encompassing answer to why a member opens one email but not another, association communicators can improve conversions with some proven A/B testing strategies.

Benchmarking Data: What to Use, What to Ignore

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As email marketers, we naturally pay a lot of attention to data. It isn't just our own data that is of interest, of course. Just as our own campaign analytics help us shape subsequent email messages, turning to benchmarking data can help us identify initiatives we ought to be considering for our email program. And [...]

Email’s Most Staggering Statistics of 2012

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All modern marketing is defined by numbers, with none more quantitatively organized than email. It is only fitting then to take a look back at some of the most remarkable numbers generated by and associated with email marketing over the past year. The data points below shed a bright light on the effectiveness of the [...]

Learning What to Learn from Email + Social

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I had a boss once who introduced me to the phrase, "in position to be in position." He would use it to mean we had made enough headway on an initiative to almost be ready to see some results. It would be nice if all initiatives in business worked like a light switch, and you [...]

Email Deliverability Numbers from 2011

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I have to admit, I was really impressed with the figures in the article "Internet 2011 in numbers" (  Of course, I paid close attention to the email numbers, but the other trends they discuss in mobile, social media, and domain names were also fascinating. Here's the list that caught my attention: 3.146 billion – Number [...]