Google Adds Unsubscribe Link to Email Header


Google has released a new feature that will be a boon to online marketers and recipients alike: an unsubscribe link that sits at the top of email messages, right next to the recipient’s name and email address, making it easier for recipients to find and unsubscribe from messages they don’t want. Known as a ‘list-unsubscribe’, the link will allow recipients to quickly unsubscribe without having to leave Gmail. Clicking the link opens a pop-up window that will double-check your desire to unsubscribe. […]

What does the Canadian Anti-Spam Law Mean for You?


Starting in July of 2014, email marketers will have new regulations to contend with, thanks to the Parliament of Canada. The Canadian Anti-Spam Law  (our northern neighbors’ answer to CAN-SPAM) applies specific requirements for commercial electronic messages that are sent to and from Canadian servers. American organizations that do business across the boarder need to familiarize themselves with the legislation and reassess their own lists to make sure they are in compliance with the CASL. […]

Interview with Real Magnet Sr. Director of Deliverability, Part II

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Below is the conclusion of our interview with John Bollinger on deliverability issues currently impacting companies and individuals. Part I of the interview is also available on Real Insights. How important do you think data cleansing is to marketers? Is there any way to know if they have spam trap emails on their lists? It’s [...]

Interview with Real Magnet Sr. Director of Deliverability

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With more than ten years of deliverability expertise at numerous companies throughout the United States, Real Magnet’s Sr. Director of Deliverability, John Bollinger, has been able to support e-marketers in their quest to make it into as many inboxes as possible. Real Magnet’s marketing team recently had a chance to sit down with John and [...]

Three Ways to Test Subject Lines

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This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. You never get a second chance at a first impression, as the saying goes. The subject line of your email is your message's first impression. When it works, it's the start of a beautiful relationship, or at least a click-through. When it doesn't, it chips [...]

Image Deliverability

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In this video snippet taken from one of our Real Magnet User Group sessions, you’ll learn the common image mistakes that can decrease the effectiveness of email messages. You’ll gain insights into simple changes that can help boost response rates.

Top 5 Things That Can Sink Deliverability


What are the top reasons email messages don’t get delivered? In this one-and-a-half minute video you’ll find out why the emails you’re sending may not reach your intended audience.

Trends That Should Disrupt Your 2013 Email Program

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Originally published in MediaPost's Email Insider, 12-12-12 -- Now is the customary time to make predictions about the trends that will have the greatest impact on the email industry in the coming year. Only this year I’d like to focus not just on the trends, but also on how they should affect what we do [...] and Email Deliverability


As you may have recently heard, Microsoft launched its new web-based email service on July 31.  Within 6 hours, had 1 million users!  As an email marketer, what does all of this really mean to you?  Besides the new interface of, and the addition of a new domain, let’s look at how [...]

Major Updates Added To Deliverability Testing!


With the proliferation of mobile devices and webmail clients, testing against Outlook is no longer enough to ensure that your message is conveyed properly.  We've made major updates to our deliverability testing module so that you can create compelling messages without any rendering issues. Our new delverablity testing module sports a refined layout and more [...]