VIDEO: The Importance of Understanding Bounces

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TMA Resources invited Real Magnet to speak on Email Best Practices for its new video series. Here are some tips on using social media to improve your existing email program:

Emailioration Monday, 5-14-12: Cast Aside Email Myths and try “Free” In the Subject Line

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Despite increased and even clinical understanding of what affects deliverability, it is still easy to remain a little superstitious about it, allowing old myths to persist unchallenged. Whether or not it was  ever true that certain words or phrases would trip a spam trigger and automatically result in emails not getting through, some myths about [...]

Spring Cleaning the Hard Bounces From Your Email List


Spring is as good a time as any to clean your email list. Going through your hard bounces to determine which addresses to suppress, recover or continue to monitor is something email marketers should do minimally once per year. If you have a significant volume of hard bounces or if much of your email volume [...]

Gmail’s New Spam Filter Explanations


Last week, Google announced a new addition to messages that are sent to your subscribers’ Gmail spam folder. The addition is a top banner on the spam email message with a brief description as to why the email was placed in the spam folder. These explanations range from malicious links in the email to the [...]

Don’t Hide the Unsubscribe!

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The unsubscribe link is a crucial tool in the email marketer’s toolbox.  Email marketers already know that an unsubscribe link is a legal requirement, as well as a necessary tool for allowing subscribers to remove themselves from your list. But did you know also that having a visible and working unsubscribe link can also help [...]

A Guide to Enabling Images for Different Email Clients

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When you begin creating your email content, it is very important that you design with images turned off. Many email clients will disable images and links until the subscriber downloads or "enables" these features. The subscriber can enable these features either by email, sender, or for all emails. I have put together a list of [...]

Monitor Your Email Marketing Replies

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One of my biggest pet peeves is receiving an email from a major brand and seeing that they use a noreply@ email address. Seriously?! It is 2012 and some email marketers still use a noreply@ email address. The goal is to get your subscribers engaged about your brand and to have a conversation. Your subscribers [...]

Why URL Shorteners Are a Bad Idea for Email Marketers

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Here at Real Magnet, the deliverability team scours through bounce logs on a daily basis to gather details as to why our customer’s emails are bouncing. One bounce trend that we continue to see is customers that use URL shorteners in their email marketing content. Many major blacklists have blacklisted URL shorteners like and [...]

Chris Arrendale Joins EEC Deliverability & Compliance Roundtable


Chris Arrendale, Real Magnet's Senior Director of Deliverability & ISP Relations, covers for our clients some of the bigger deliverability issues right here on the blog, and also on Twitter at @Arrendale. And now he is expanding his deliverability purview industry-wide as an invited member of the Email Experience Council's Deliverability & Compliance Roundtable. Chris' [...]

Email Deliverability Numbers from 2011

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I have to admit, I was really impressed with the figures in the article "Internet 2011 in numbers" (  Of course, I paid close attention to the email numbers, but the other trends they discuss in mobile, social media, and domain names were also fascinating. Here's the list that caught my attention: 3.146 billion – Number [...]