Email Deliverability New Year’s Resolutions

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While many of us are making personal New Year’s Resolutions such as losing weight (myself included), finding a new job, or going back to school, email marketers should also be making a New Year’s Resolution concerning deliverability.  A new year means a new look on your email marketing program.  So, for your first email marketing [...]

Taking Action on Inactive Subscribers

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I don't normally talk about industry averages because they rarely apply to any individual company within an industry, but for illustrative purposes here I'll make an exception. The number most commonly offered up as an industry average open rate is 20%, and industry average click-through rates are typically reported between 2% and 4%. Your results [...]

Sipa 2012 – Deliverability Questions


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Whose Address Is It Anyway? The Pitfalls of Subscriber Sharing

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It is not uncommon for a company or association to operate under several brands. For example, a publishing company may have a dozen or more different titles, and an association might have several different divisions. One of the potential advantages for this type of organizational structure is the opportunity to cross-market: the publishing company can [...]

An Engagement Proposal


Google reveals how Gmail "decides" what mail is important. It's nothing short of a mathematical model of recipient engagement.

Half-True Predictions


A look at two big deliverability trends in 2010 that happened only half-way, and what to do about them in 2011.

Street Legal E-mail


Even if your mail is fully CAN SPAM compliant, that doesn’t necessarily mean to the ISPs or to recipients that your mail must not be spam.

Getting a Handle on Soft Bounces


The key to managing soft bounces is understanding what the recipient mail server may be trying to tell you when it bounces back your mail.

Canada Passes The Ten Million Dollar Spam Law


Canada has just enacted the world's toughest anti-spam law. Do senders in the U.S. have to comply? No ... and yes.

All About the Opens


Last week, Real Magnet hosted its first Deliverability webinar - if you missed it, you can catch the recorded version any time. We spent about 40 minutes looking at a few key concepts that senders should understand to begin to actively manage and improve deliverability. We received a number of compliments from attendees after the [...]