When Blacklists Die


Senders have a love-hate relationship with block lists. They're an important reason why e-mail remains a viable channel for marketing and commerce. But when senders find themselves at the pointy end of a listing ...

Yahoo! Refreshes the Inbox with “Minty”


Yahoo!'s mail release, dubbed “Minty” was rolled out to their customer base last week, with a slew of front- and back-end changes that may have significant impact on how recipients interact with e-mail.

The $10-Million Spam Law


Spamming to Canada is about to get a lot more expensive. The new Canadian anti-spam law would impose new requirements that stretch well beyond CAN SPAM.

Shaking Our Fists at E-mail Gods


Delivering mail that customers want is as much of competitive advantage for an ISP as blocking the spam. Make sure your mail is the mail their customers want.

Changes Coming to AOL and Yahoo! Inboxes, Too


Google’s abortive attempt to socialize e-mail with Buzz did not spell the end of other efforts.

Are You Certifiable? (Part Two)


In the first part of this two-part series, we took a look at the major differences between the two biggest players in the e-mail certification space. In today's article, we check out an accreditation program that promises significant improvement in deliverability with a money-back guarantee, plus a pair of seal-of-approval programs. SuretyMail, a relative newcomer [...]

Are You Certifiable? (Part One)


It’s no secret that ISPs and large inbox providers rely heavily on accreditation and reputation scoring firms’ assessments of a sender’s practices when making filtering decisions. Accreditation providers are the conceptual inverse of a black list - the two most widely-used even refer to themselves as “white lists”. Today, there’s a range of certification and [...]

Tools for Mobile Email – Coming in September!

Best Practices, Deliverability, Design Tips|

"Already 64% of key decision makers use their smartphones to check and read their email.” -- MarketingSherpa As the market for mobile devices powers forward, more recipients are viewing your messages on smartphones, iPads, and other gadgets. In September, Real Magnet will release a tool set to help you market more effectively to this expanding [...]

What You Need to Know About Block Lists Before You’re Blocked


If you're sending high volumes of e-mail, chances are that you'll find yourself on a block list sooner or later. The secret to surviving (and correcting) a listing is to be ready before it happens. Here's what you need to know now, before you find yourself listed. Stay Cool. No one ever got a listing [...]

What color is your (Hot)mail?


E-mail deliverability folk are all abuzz this week about the roll-out of major changes to Hotmail that began Tuesday. It's hard to accurately predict what impact they'll have on senders, but we can make some early, educated guesses. The feature that's receiving the lion's share of attention is the one Hotmail has dubbed "Sweep". Sweep [...]