The Untethering of Reputation


If you're a loyal reader of Steve and Laura Atkins at the Word to the Wise blog, you may have read Laura's recent posts about sender reputation.  The posts detail what reputation is, how it's used, and why senders need to manage it carefully. ISPs monitor the reputation of IP addresses from where an e-mail [...]

To Boost Engagement, Make Sure Your Email is HIP

Best Practices, Deliverability|

Believe it or not, this 1944 Disney cartoon where Goofy demonstrates how to play golf is actually about email: There's a lot to remember when you're writing and sending email messages. Thinking about this column and how to help email marketers create a mental checklist for each message made me think of golf lessons I [...]

Comparing the Goodmail Offerings


With the release of their CertifiedDomain™ service, Goodmail now has two offerings for certifying senders and their e-mail. They have long had the CertifiedEmail™ service which will continue to exist. The purpose here is to compare the two services and look at why you might choose one service over the other to help improve deliverability.

Engagement Metrics and Deliverability: An Interview with Dean Canellos, Real Magnet’s Deliverability Director


  Today I'm interviewing Dean Canellos, Real Magnet's Director of Deliverability. We’re talking about a new movement to utilize engagement metrics as a function of sender reputation and deliverability.  SECTION I: WHAT’S UP? Dean Canellos is Real Magnet's Director of Deliverability Q: AOL recently announced some changes in how engagement with email affects deliverability. [...]