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A Quick Guide to Improving Email Accessibility

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Web accessibility is the practice of optimizing the usability of websites and content for people with disabilities. Not only do these techniques accomplish their intended goals of making information equally accessible to everyone, they’re also widely accepted as best practices.

5 Tips for Designing a Better Newsletter

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The ultimate goal of a newsletter is to keep your audience informed about the latest news and thought leadership developed by your organization. With attention spans dwindling, marketers need to pay close attention to their newsletter design and layout to keep their readers engaged throughout.

LinkedIn Redesign: What it Means for Your Content

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LinkedIn has rolled out a new design that aims to make content the focus of their user experience. One of the biggest changes is that images are getting a lot more attention in the feed. See how these changes affect Real Magnet users and how to take advantage of them using our social publishing tools.

6 Quick Design Updates to Increase Mobile Engagement

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71.6% of consumers will delete emails if they don’t look good on mobile, while an average of 10% will read it anyway. None of us want to be that marketer or designer that launches a painful mobile experience, but the task of coming up with a mobile email strategy and updating template designs can be daunting.

From Tacky to Top-Shelf: How GIFs Became the Most Engaging Image Choice

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While GIFs have been around for nearly two decades, they have recently made their way to the top of the social media arena as a fun and compelling way to share sentiments. Now, their value has expanded even further, with digital marketing strategists recognizing their potential in the context of online campaigns and email newsletters. It's important for decision-makers in these positions to understand the power of the well-placed GIF, recognize the best context for these animations, and figure out how to capitalize on their potential and popularity.

Infographic: Shift Into The Marketing Fast Lane

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By now, you’ve fine-tuned the details of email marketing campaigns, from timing to templates. You may have been comfortable cruising along with your usual email campaigns, but it’s time to shift gears because a new fast lane has just opened up - mobile email.

16 Tips for Testing your Landing Pages

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With the upcoming release of our Marketing Automation module, landing pages will become a “go-to” tool for Real Magnet customers to compile and collect data on both prospects and customers. Because these pages are on the front lines of your marketing efforts, testing and optimizing them is critical. SIPA stalwarts Greg Krehbiel of Kiplinger and [...]

Changing Color Themes in Email Templates

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Whether you're working in a custom template or one of Real Magnet's template library templates, Real Magnet users with Color Themes enabled have unlimited color scheme options available. With a  few simple clicks you can apply any of Real Magnet's default Color Themes or create your own to match  your branding. Listen to Real Magnet Strategic [...]

Avoid mobile mis-clicks with a 15 pixel padding. (White Card)

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Emailioriation Monday, 7-16-12: Find Your Fold

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You have seen email advice articles I'm sure that advise marketers to make sure that the most important content within a message is "above the fold." If the call to action or key content element is visible as soon as someone opens the email, the assumption is that the message has its best chance of [...]