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A Guide to Enabling Images for Different Email Clients

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When you begin creating your email content, it is very important that you design with images turned off. Many email clients will disable images and links until the subscriber downloads or "enables" these features. The subscriber can enable these features either by email, sender, or for all emails. I have put together a list of [...]

Why URL Shorteners Are a Bad Idea for Email Marketers

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Here at Real Magnet, the deliverability team scours through bounce logs on a daily basis to gather details as to why our customer’s emails are bouncing. One bounce trend that we continue to see is customers that use URL shorteners in their email marketing content. Many major blacklists have blacklisted URL shorteners like and [...]

Catching Up With Mobile

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With some careful planning and design choices, senders can ensure that their messages can keep up with their recipients, where ever they may go.

Tools for Mobile Email: PC-Mobile Hybrid Templates

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With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, you can be sure that a certain percentage of your emails are being read on mobile devices.  One of the critical questions for designers and marketers is what percentage.  If the percentage is low, it may not be necessary to make any design changes to your messaging (except [...]

Tools for Mobile Email: Creating Mobile Content

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If your organization is like most others, certain recipients view your emails on a mobile device and others on a PC. And some are viewing them on both! These unpredictable behaviors pose a dilemma to marketers: should the email you send be optimized for mobile or PC viewing (assuming you’re not segmenting on mobile vs. [...]

Tools for Mobile Email – Coming in September!

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"Already 64% of key decision makers use their smartphones to check and read their email.” -- MarketingSherpa As the market for mobile devices powers forward, more recipients are viewing your messages on smartphones, iPads, and other gadgets. In September, Real Magnet will release a tool set to help you market more effectively to this expanding [...]

Redesigning Your Email’s Cockpit

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This month in MediaPost I wrote a column about redesign. Appropriate, of course, given all the changes around here this week. In fact, the topic wasn't coincidental. Everyone here has spent a lot of time getting to know the new interface and features (love the new Reports module), and we devoted a lot of time [...]

Building your nest: trading in rowspans for nested tables

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We at the design team here at Real Magnet have spent a good deal of time tweaking html code to look just right in as many email clients as possible. By far, the one that gives us the most headaches is Outlook 2007. Just when you think you've got your code just right, there might [...]