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Digital Marketing Year In Review: 2015

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Digital marketing made some serious strides in 2015, and it's the perfect time to reflect on the most significant developments of the year. With a thorough understanding of how the past 12 months have progressed, they'll be able to begin 2016 with a strong foundation for marketing success. Here's a look at the digital trends that made 2015 such a big year for marketers.

How To Creatively Leverage Email Data

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It's important for marketers to have a game plan for their email recipients rather than letting these lists sit and collect dust. Here are some proven ways to leverage email data for more leads, bigger conversions and a roadmap that ensures improvement in future campaigns.

Avoid These Common Email Pitfalls At All Costs

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Everyone makes mistakes now and again, but if a marketing team lets bad habits dictate its approach email marketing, it will soon find that its efforts don't yield the optimal results, or even damage its attempts to promote a positive brand image. Therefore, it's important that teams recognize the harmful pitfalls of email marketing and actively improve upon these practices.

The Power of Timing and Frequency in Email Marketing

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Email marketing teams craft and measure their campaigns with scientific precision, but the timing and frequency of these messages are two elements that often get left out of the equation. With today's consumers getting bombarded with emails at every turn, it's more important than ever for brands to consider the impact of timing and message volume on their efforts. Here's a glimpse as to why these factors matter so much, and what can be done to leverage them properly.

Boost Email Inbox Engagement With These Tactics

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As the war for the email inbox rages on, marketers are growing more determined to outwit their competitors and optimize their initiatives for opens, clicks and conversions. This means that strategists are employing cutting-edge technologies and tactics with regularity and boldness, and those that stagnate in their efforts to innovate will likely fall out of the running.

3 Ways To Squeeze More Value from an Email Marketing Campaign

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Marketers focus heavily on the development and execution of email newsletter campaigns, and for good reason. Customers still regularly open emails from their favorite brands, and many of these messages lead to further on-site engagement and even purchases. But even with impressive returns on these investments, marketing teams are always looking for new ways to yield value from their email efforts. After all, these types of campaigns remain a central facet of digital marketing strategy for many brands.

Email On Apple Watch

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APPLE WATCH: IMPACT ON EMAIL MORE CONVENIENT, LESS ACTIONABLE Apple Watch is here and while only a lucky few early adopters have them on their wrist the potential impact on email (and communication in general) seems unquestionable. Below, we outline some of the limitations and provide email marketing best practices for making the [...]